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How To Get Stronger in Wuthering Waves

Check out tips on getting stronger!

While in RPGs grinding is very much a given, sometimes we wish we could have some handy tips to improve our character without suffering through too much humiliating and grueling battles. So, let’s find out how to get stronger in Wuthering Waves and all the best ways to level up your weapons and characters.

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Ways To Get Stronger in Wuthering Waves

Focus On Leveling Up Your Weapons and Characters

If you’re just starting out, focus on leveling up your base stats. You might want to spend your Wave Plates on Simulation Training which will give you materials to level up your character, weapons, and even Echoes. Since there are only so many plates you can spend each day, we would recommend focusing on the events that give you the most rewards. Also, don’t waste Astrites on things you don’t need, especially in early phases of the game. Instead, focus on getting your character stronger.

Don’t Neglect Your Skills

Skills are divided between five different types: Basic Attack, Resonance Skill, Forte Circuit, Resonance Liberation, and Intro Skill. Naturally, the way you want to prioritize the leveling up of these skills depends on the type of character you want to create. What we would recommend, though, is to not forget about leveling up skills and decide early on the strategy you’d like to follow.

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Complete Your Daily Tasks

This is really an everyday thing. If you want to get stronger quickly each day that you log in, you’ll want to turn your attention immediately to completing daily quests. As such, remember to always use your daily plates and look for tasks in your Guidebook. If you can do that every day, that is a whopping 2,000 Union points at your disposal each day. Not bad, if we say so.

Equipping Echoes

If you’ve been playing for a while, you have surely collected Echoes after some of the battles. You can use them to summon a creature, or transform, giving you special skills. But that’s not all: some Echoes will give you passive abilities and buffs, along with being even more powerful when you equip them as part of a set. For example, two Echoes of the Void Thunder will make your Electro damage even stronger, and equipping even more can increase it as well.

Participate in Weekly and Seasonal Events

We mentioned daily events, but those aren’t the only events that take place in Wuthering Waves. There are many others that take place weekly or even monthly. They are time-sensitive, so you might want to have a list of possible objectives to clear, since the daily tasks don’t usually take long to complete. Other events will unlock when you reach a certain level, such as Depths of Illusive Realm at Union Level 23, while others at a certain point in the main story. Either way, don’t sleep on them as they will net you great rewards and unlocks.

That is all we have for you on how to get stronger in Wuthering Waves. For more guides on the game, check out the best healers and how to parry. We’ve also got guides on unlinking your email and how intimacy works in the game.

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