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How to Get Divided Prismatic Key in Destiny 2 The Final Shape

Plenty of backtracking!

Wondering how to get the Divided Prismatic Key in Destiny 2 The Final Shape? This crucial item allows you to unlock the Prismatic Chests you’ll find littered across the new expansion. They contain upgrade components to enhance the new Prismatic class, so it’s crucial to find keys and open as many as you can. Let’s get into it!

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How Do You Get the Divided Prismatic Key in Destiny 2?

To find the Divided Prismatic Key, head to The Impasse landing zone. Traverse through the building’s ventilation system until you come to a room containing the locked Prismatic Chest glowing purple.

Note that you’ll likely want to clear the room of any lingering enemies, as it involves quite a lot of precise exploration to find the Divided Prismatic Key and you don’t want to find yourself dying and having to start from scratch.

The Impasse in Destiny 2.
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In this room, you’ll see a window with an iceberg lingering over its frame. Boost into there and collect the Transmat Scorch Cannon from a nearby console. Using this, fire at the huge chunk of ice to melt it down. Then, pick up the Arc Charge it drops and deposit it into the reactor nearby. Repeat this process on the ice block in the middle of the main room, depositing the Void Charge into the reactor this time.

Then head back to the entrance hallway of this room. Fire the Scorch Cannon at the ice block here, claiming and depositing another Arc Charge in the process. Retrace your footsteps back out of this hallway to another ice block, repeating the process twice. You’ll get an Arc Charge first, and then a Solar Charge for your troubles.

Once you’ve deposited these charges in the order you collected them, you’ll get a message saying the system is at maximum power. Then, repeat the process for the reactor to the right of the initial one, placing the Solar Charge and then a Void Charge found to the right-hand side beyond the exit to the main room, past where you’ve explored before. Repeat this one last time, heading down the main walkway out of the room to an ice block containing a Solar Charge.

With both reactors powered up, clear the enemies that spawn in the main room including a Subjugator of Control boss. On its dead body, you’ll find the long-awaited Divided Prismatic Key, which opens a chest containing the Facet of Command!

That’s all for this guide. For more, check out how to start The Final Shape campaign on Legend and how to activate Transcendence. We’ve also got tips on the best Prismatic Hunter builds.

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