How To Fix ‘Game Version Does Not Match Host’ Error in Apex Legends

The 'Game Version Does Not Match Host' Error is driving players ballistic.

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Apex Legends Error Codes will have likely been a thorn in the side of players at some point or another. They come and go with updates and patches, but some can prove tricky to fix for the devs and bypass for players. That’s true of the ‘Game Version Does Not Match Host’ Error, which has resurfaced in Apex Legends Season 17. Here’s how to fix it.

Apex Legends ‘Game Version Does Not Match Host’ Error: Causes & How To Fix

The Error Code was common earlier in 2023 and has resurfaced again in Apex Legends. Unfortunately – and somewhat confusingly given the Error Code itself – it’s not entirely clear what causes it. The code suggests that players trying to join others cannot do so because their game is not up to date and requires an update. However, plenty of players have reported doing all updates and still experiencing the problems.

In spite of that, players experiencing the ‘Game Version Does Not Match Host’ Error should first check their game is up to date. The way to do this varies slightly depending on your platform but, in every scenario, involves checking your game for a possible update. If your version of the game is outdated, it can inhibit you from joining a player whose game is updated.

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Beyond that, your best bet is the standard list of fixes for bugs of all forms. We’ve listed these below and they can work for players who’ve experienced the ‘Game Version Does Not Match Host’ Error in Apex Legends.

  1. Check the server status of Apex Legends: the Error can be caused by server issues on EA’s end and, if this is the case, there’s not a lot you can do beyond waiting for them to be resolved.
  2. Restart your game and console / PC: this will reestablish your connection to Apex Legends’ servers and to the friend or player you’re looking to join.
  3. Restart your network: it’s possible the issue is with your internet connection and home network. Restarting your router should iron out these problems if they’re behind the error.
  4. Reinstall Apex Legends: this a bit of a last resort fix, with a reinstall of Apex Legends a lengthy way to ensure it’s all downloaded correctly on your console or PC.

Make sure, if you are experiencing the problem, it’s been reported to EA. The developers are always eager for feedback – especially relating to game-breaking bugs and problems.

That’s everything to know about the ‘Game Version Does Not Match Host’ Error in Apex Legends. Check out the related content below for everything else Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale.

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