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How to Chop and Plant Trees in Hokko Life

Hokko Life

How to Chop and Plant Trees in Hokko Life

Sustainable resource collection is essential elements of life in Hokko. This guide tells you how to chop and grow new trees in Hokko Life.

Wood is one of the most essential resources in Hokko Life, and sustainable timber management is key to maintaining a consistent supply of wood throughout your time at Hokko. Here’s how to chop trees, how to remove stumps, and how to plant new trees in Hokko Life.

How to Cut Down Trees in Hokko Life

Image source: Wonderscope via Twinfinite

Building houses and crafting items requires wooden logs, which you get by chopping down trees. To chop down trees in your village, open your backpack (B) or cycle through your equipment (R) and select your axe. Approach a tree and press activate (E) to chop it. 

How to Remove Tree Stumps

After chopping down a tree, a stump will be left behind. Aside from being unsightly, tree stumps limit your space to build homes and place objects, so you’ll want to remove them all. 

Image source: Wonderscope via Twinfinite

To remove the stump, open your backpack or cycle through your equipment and equip your shovel. Approach a tree stump and press activate to dig it up.

How to Regrow Trees in Hokko Life

Cut trees will not regrow, so you need to keep planting new trees to have a continuous supply of wood to build houses and complete requests.

To plant a tree, you’ll first need to collect some seeds. Trees usually drop seeds when you chop them, but you can also buy them from Moss’ shop in town.

Once you have your seeds, you’ll need to dig a hole to plant them in. First, equip your shovel. Next, choose where you want to plant your seeds and dig a hole by pressing activate. 

Equip your seeds from your backpack or by cycling through your equipment. 

Image source: Wonderscope via Twinfinite

Approach the hole you just dug, and press activate to plant the seed in the hole. Your new tree will grow over the next three days.

And that’s all you need to know about sustainable tree harvesting and planting. Before you go, be sure to check out our other Hokko Life content, including How to Reach Raised Area of the Meadow in Hokko Life and How to Build New Houses in Hokko Life.

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