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How to Get Perfect IV Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

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Pokemon with perfect IVs are vital to success in Pokemon Video Game Championships (VGC), so you’ll want to learn how to build a perfect IV team if you’re looking to compete in online events or attend Regional Championships. Here’s everything you need to know on how to get perfect IV Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

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How Do I Raise Perfect IV Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

Breeding is the best method for getting perfect IV Pokemon for your team because it’s faster than catching the same Pokemon many times and it gives you access to a Pokemon’s egg moves. Fortunately, Scarlet and Violet allows you to follow tried and true breeding methods from earlier Pokemon entries to get your perfect IV Pokemon.

IV Judge

Using the IV Judge feature in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.
Image Source: The Pokemon Company via Twinfinite

You have to beat the game then talk to Nurse Joy at one of the many Pokemon Centers in Paldea to unlock this feature, but it tells you if your Pokemon’s IVs are perfect. Open your box and hit the plus button to switch to this mode, and look for Best Attack, Special Attack, Defense, Special Defense, and Speed ratings when you hatch Pokemon.

In the above screenshot, this Bombardier has perfect Special Attack, Attack, Defense, and Special Defense, so it’s not quite perfect.


A Ditto caught after a Tera Raid.
Image Source: The Pokemon Company via Twinfinite

Ditto can breed with any Pokemon that’s allowed to breed, regardless of gender. Raiding for a Ditto with 4 or more best IVs is a smart move for breeding competitive teams. Wild Ditto probably won’t have any perfect IVs and make the breeding process take a lot longer.

All you need to do is enter and exit picnic mode a few times and rotate every Pokemon you want to breed with Ditto and grab the eggs from the basket on the ground by the table. You can leave the game sit for a while and grab 10 eggs at once, just remember that Meal Power boosts only last 30 minutes.

Held Items

A Destiny Knot in my bag from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.
Image Source: The Pokemon Company via Twinfinite

The Destiny Knot is essential for effective breeding because it passes down good IVs from one parent Pokemon, and it’s available at Delibird Presents in Mesagoza.

An egg Pokemon’s IVs are chosen randomly from the 12 IVs of the parent Pokemon, so this item improves your odds to find the IVs you want.

An Everstone passes the Nature of the Pokemon holding it to eggs, so if you have a parent Pokemon with the right Nature but a few poor IVs, then this item can save you from hatching a ton of eggs.

Hatching Eggs

A party with a Flame Body Pokemon ready to hatch some eggs in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.
Image Source: The Pokemon Company via Twinfinite

The ability Flame Body cuts the number of steps to hatch eggs in half, and it’s easy to catch a Fletchling and evolve it to take advantage of Flame Body. Other Pokemon with this ability include Rolycoly and Larvesta.

Since you’re required to have one Pokemon in your party at all times, that Pokemon should have Flame Body. It’s best to hatch eggs in a city where you won’t be interrupted by wild Pokemon while running or riding in wide circles.


A Great Peanut Butter Sandwich is great for finding eggs in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.
Image Source: The Pokemon Company via Twinfinite

Sandwiches are new to breeding, and they help you get more eggs at a picnic so you can be more efficient when hatching perfect IV Pokemon. The Great Peanut Butter Sandwich gives you level 2 Egg Power, and only requires Butter, Peanut Butter, and Banana for ingredients – don’t worry if you don’t have the recipe unlocked because you can make this in Creative Mode.

All of these ingredients are easily purchasable in Mesagoza from Artisan Bakery and Sure Cans and are quite cheap.

That’s everything we have on how to obtain perfect IV Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Check out some of our other Pokemon Scarlet and Violet content like increasing your shiny odds and the day and night cycle.

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