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Is Hollow Knight Hard? Answered

all pale oure locations in hollow knight
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Is Hollow Knight Hard? Answered

Be prepared to get owned by insects.

Dark Souls is the king of difficult games that may make you want to throw your controller to the wall. Unsurprisingly, some big studios attempt to establish their own Souls-like series, with Nioh serving as a good example. However, indie developers also do not hesitate to jump on the train, which may make new players wonder if Hollow Knight is actually hard.

How Difficult Is Hollow Knight?

Hollow Knight is a hard and challenging game that has some similarities to Dark Souls. You control a small creature who never speaks and is trying to save a fallen kingdom called Hallownest. Many dangerous monsters will attack you on sight, and if you are killed, you will be returned to the last Bench (save point) you have sat on.

Similar to Dark Souls, you will also receive penalties whenever you die. You will drop your money, Geo, and your Soul Container will be cracked, limiting the amount of energy you can carry. You can think of Soul as your MP, and you can use it to cast powerful Spells, such as Vengeful Spirit, or recover your HP.

The game offers various unique bosses that will test your mettle and dodging skill. Many have quick attacks that do not give you room for error. Often, you will be forced to dodge their relentless strikes, and you are only given seconds to land your hits on the bosses. If you get too greedy and impatient, be prepared to receive a thorough beatdown.

Another way the title challenges you is through exploration. Unlike most games with clear maps that show you the location of your next destination, you cannot access any map in Hollow Knight until you purchase one from Cornifer. Even then, it’s only a rough guide, and you still need to use your own memory to navigate through the winding passages of Hallownest.

Hollow Knight also features many platforming sections where you need to pass through areas filled with sharp objects. Sometimes, the game spices things up by adding enemies to the mix. The title’s hardest platforming challenge is the Path of Pain in White Palace, which has caused countless players’ hands to get muscle cramps.

Hopefully, that answers your question about whether Hollow Knight is hard. If you enjoy the game, you may be interested in playing its sequel, Silksong. Before heading into Hallownest, consider reading the articles below to prepare yourself for your journey.

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