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When Does Control 2 Come Out? Potential Release Window Explained

Remedy Entertainment and 505 Games have confirmed development on Control's sequel has begun, but when will you be able to play it?

On Nov. 11, developer Remedy Entertainment and publisher 505 Games revealed via press release that work had begun on a sequel to 2019’s Control. If you’re interested in learning more about when Control 2 will release and who’s developing Control 2, we have the latest information for you below.

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What Is the Release Date for Control 2?

Currently, there is no concrete information on exactly when Control 2 will release. In the press release for the title’s announcement, game director Mikael Kasurinen stated, “It’ll take a while,” while also promising players, “It’s still early days, but it will be worth the wait.”

This message from the game director is the only information we’ve been given regarding the release date for Control 2. As a result, players should expect to wait several years before being able to get their hands on the game.

While it is worth noting that Control completed development within three years, it’s equally important to remember that this might not serve as an indicator for Control 2’s development, given we have no way of knowing the scope and scale of the title just yet.

Who Is the Developer for Control 2? Answered

Control 2 is currently being co-developed and co-published by Remedy Entertainment and 505 Games. This is something of a departure from the creation of the previous entry, which saw Remedy solely taking up development duties and 505 Games fully handling the publishing side of things.

Remedy Entertainment is well known for being the team behind several prominent games, including the first two Max Payne titles, Alan Wake, and Quantum Break. Recent games published by 505 Games include the likes of Death Stranding, Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising, and (naturally) the original Control.

That’s everything there is to know about Control 2’s release date and developer information right now. If you’re eager to read more about Control while you wait, you can check out Twinfinite’s review of the original game.

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