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All of the Best Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Trade Codes

Use these trade codes to acquire powerful Pokemon.

The trading system is one of the most crucial mechanics of the Pokemon franchise because it allows players to exchange various creatures from their collections. With this platform, you’ll be able to obtain exclusive Pokemon that only appear in specific versions, like Brute Bonnet in Scarlet and Iron Treads in Violet. If you’re looking to complete your Pokedex you might be wondering how to get Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trade codes. Already know how to get them? Well, we’ve got a list of all codes in the game below as well, the best ones among them.

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How to Get Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Trade Codes

Players can get Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trade codes by exploring social media platforms like Reddit, Twitter, and Youtube. One of the most notable sources is a compiled list created by the YouTuber Austin John Plays, a longtime Pokemon player.

Here is the complete list of trade codes and the required Pokemon for the exchange (some of these use the same channel):

  • Sprigatito for Fuecoco: 00010004
  • Sprigatito for Quaxly: 00010007
  • Fuecoco for Sprigatito: 00010004
  • Fuecoco for Quaxly: 00040007
  • Quaxly for Sprigatito: 00010007
  • Quaxly for Fuecoco: 00040007
  • Language Ditto Swap for Language Ditto Swap: 44484448
  • Armarouge for Ceruledge: 01660167
  • Auspicious Armor for Malicious Armor: 01660167
  • Stonjourner for Eiscue: 03190320
  • Oranguru for Passimian: 03130314
  • Tauros Fire for Tauros Water: 02230223
  • Stunky for Gulpin: 02270140
  • Skuntank for Swalot: 02270140
  • Drifloon for Misdreavus: 01430114
  • Driflblim for Mismagius: 01430114
  • Skrelp for Clauncher: 03370339
  • Dragalge for Clawitzer: 03370339
  • Larvitar for Bagon: 03160276
  • Pupitar for Shelgon: 03160276
  • Tyranitar for Salamence: 03160276
  • Deino for Dreepy: 03700305
  • Zweilous for Drakloak: 03700305
  • Hydreigon for Dragapult: 03700305
  • Great Tusk for Iron Treads: 03760382
  • Scream Tail for Iron Bundle: 03770383
  • Brute Bonnet for Iron Hands: 03780384
  • Flutter Mane for Iron Jugulis: 03790385
  • Slither Wing for Iron Moth: 03800386
  • Sandy Shocks for Iron Thorns: 03810387
  • Roaring Moon for Iron Valiant: 03970398
  • Koraidon for Miraidon: 03990400

You can also check out this list of trade codes from Austin John Plays’ official Twitter:

How to Use Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Trade Codes

To use these Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trade codes, you can input them in the Poke Portal through Online Mode. For example, players can put in this Fuecoco trade code from Austin John Plays in the ‘Link Trade’ tab to begin the search process:

Entering a trade code in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
Screenshot via Twinfinite

It’s best to choose Pokemon with a distinct glow (it will also move in the box) because this feature indicates that the other player does not have this creature:

Trading a Pokemon
Screenshot via Twinfinite

Keep in mind that these trade codes aren’t guaranteed to work because they are open channels that other players can use; it all depends if someone else is also looking to exchange Pokemon. In addition, you can check out Reddit forums, like the Trade Requests Weekly Megathread, to petition for specific creatures.

For best codes to use right away, we recommend picking up the other two starters that you missed out on. Now that you know how to get Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trades codes and have a list of all of them, you can increase your collection in the Pokedex. While you are here, you can explore more content about the game, including our guides about when and where it rains, all Legendary Pokemon and where to buy Luxury Balls. You can also check the related posts below for even more SV coverage!

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