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Best Erotic Vintage Comics


Best Erotic Vintage Comics

It can be hard to find high-quality vintage comics out there without searching for hours and hours but luckily we have a list on some of the best erotic vintage comics that you can find.


Best Erotic Vintage Comics

Best Erotic Vintage Comics

XXXenophile is an anthology series of sorts that tells a bunch of different sexual stories with each tale designed by a different artist. It portrays sex as a joyful activity and deals with fantasy and science fiction tropes.

If you’re someone who finds some of the erotic novels to be violent or too serious, XXXenophile is the exact opposite of that is highly recommended for those that want erotica with an entertaining narrative that doesn’t take itself seriously.

You can find the collection of this erotic vintage comic over on Amazon.

Robert Crumb’s Sex Obsessions

Best Erotic Vintage Comics

Best Erotic Vintage Comics

Robert Crumb, like most humans, had tons of secret sexual fantasies in his head, just trying to crawl their way out into the world so Crumb decided to put all of his twisted, dark fetishes into an erotic comic and people love it.

It’s a hilarious and sexually charged deep dive into this man’s dirty ‘ol brain and also provides the reader with a great selection of his work with this collection, which you can buy at Amazon.

Omaha the Cat Dancer

Best Erotic Vintage Comics

Best Erotic Vintage Comics

Omaha the Cat Dancer is an erotic vintage comic series from the 80s that deals with anthropomorphic animal characters and primarily focuses on an exotic dancer named Omaha.

It was one of the first comic strips to use sex as a part of the storyline and not just for shock value so if you like reading about humanoid cats getting it on, this should be perfect for you. You can buy the first issue on Etsy here for pretty cheap or you can grab a more expensive collection on Amazon.

Oh, Wicked Wanda

Best Erotic Vintage Comics

oh wicked wanda, vintage

Oh, Wicked Wanda was a satirical comic strip that was released back in the 70s and early 80s that features tons of scantily clad women and the comic really prides itself on depicting the beauty of the female body. You won’t even find any nude men throughout the entire comic strip, just females.

You can check this one out on Amazon but the price is rather high since it seems to be a rare graphic novel.


Best Erotic Vintage Comics

strips erotic vintage comic

Strips is an erotic comic strip series that started off in the late 80s and centers on an actual comic strip writer in college who ends up in some risque situations while he attends university.

There are several volumes of Strips out there for you to enjoy but you can buy the first volume right here on Amazon for only a few bucks.

Wet Satin

Best Erotic Vintage Comics

erotic vintage comics, wet satin

Wet Satin was a two-part comic series that was first published in the 70s and it focuses on the erotic fantasies coming from a female perspective. Not only are the stories presented here quite sexy but the artwork is pretty awesome and would look great if they were to be framed on a living room or bathroom wall.

You can pick up the volumes on Wolfgang if you’re into it.


Best Erotic Vintage Comics

Milo Manara is a very talented comic artist that is known for his design of some erotic and rather gorgeous artworks that are featured in his comics.

Butterscotch is an erotic tale that was published in 1990 and is another one of his beautiful pieces of work that can be purchased on Amazon.

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