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Top 10 Most Iconic DC Comics Locations

Dc Comics

Top 10 Most Iconic DC Comics Locations

The DC Comics Universe is home to some of the most memorable and unique locations in all of entertainment. From space station hideouts to ancient mythical cities, the settings that make up this world are almost as important and alive as the characters that live amongst them.

Here is our choice for the top 10 locations in all of DC Comics.

Fortress of Solitude

Few superheroes can say they have their own Fortress to themselves. Superman is so chill (pun intended) that, not only does he have one, it’s also based out of the Arctic, known as the Fortress of Solitude.

This is known only to a few, housing many things precise to Clark Kent. Of those items is a memorial of Jor-El and Lara, Superman’s Kryptonian parents.

What is even more noteworthy about the Fortress is its design, which features icicles sticking out of its triangular base.


Bludhaven is home to one of the most underrated badasses in DC, Nightwing.

In order to step out of the shadow of Batman, Dick Grayson migrates to Bludhaven, taking up the mantle of Nightwing. While it may not be as notable of a location as others on this list, it’s designed similarly to other dark areas and is fueled by tragedy and corruption.

If you want a real feel for how Bludhaven is a solid setting, check out Chuck Dixon’s Nightwing series Nightwing: A Knight in Bludhaven.

Central City

Central City is home to The Flash, one of the most well-liked, important, and powerful heroes in all of comics. In comparison to other locations, it doesn’t entirely do anything to stand out as memorable.

The most interesting thing about Central City is that isn’t as dreary as most DC Comics locations, at least in terms of its presentations. Warm colors are often used to reflect the cities vibrant nature, likely mirroring The Flash’s colors and personality as well.

Add the notable heroes and villains that call this location home, Cyborg, The Flash, Captain Cold, the Weather Wizard, the Mirror Master and it’s blandness can be overlooked.


Beneath its routes of fueling Superman’s tragic backstory, you’ll find a fascinating history surrounding the world of Krypton.

While there are many different versions of the planet, Krypton has always been a place focused on scientific inventions and research. These developments resulted in massive cities, impressive landscapes, and plenty of more decadent features.

These all eventually led to the society and planet’s downfall. And yet, it still created Superman.


Atlantis has a rich and fascinating history in the DC Universe, as it is one of the oldest known places on Earth. Alongside being a continent, it is also a mythical city that now exists under the sea.

The concept of being able to live and breath underwater is fascinating enough, but Atlantis is even more interesting, as its unique architecture and political intrigue are unlike any other location in DC Comics.


Off all of the locations in DC Comics, Metropolis is the most fleshed out. While it is known for being home to Superman, it is also one the largest, wealthiest, and most important cities throughout DC.

The inventions that come from places like Lexcorp and the reporting of the Daily Planet are just a few things that the city does that fuel the entire world and help it stand out.

Unlike most places on this list, Metropolis is actually somewhere normal people could possibly live if it were real.


Oa is one of the oldest planets in creation, serving as the home for the Guardians of the Universe, better known as the administer the Green Lantern Corps.

The most fascinating part about Oa, aside from its importance, is its design. The planet looks like what we as humans imagine an advanced world to look like, as it is both futuristic but considerably alien.


Similar to Atlantis, Themyscira is another location in DC Comics that earns points simply based on the fact that it is inspired by real-life folklore.

In both real life and in DC, Themyscira is home of the legendary Amazons. Unlike in the real world though, this legendary isle continued to exist in secret as the world advanced.

The bits and pieces that are shown of the politics, fighting, and environment of this woman only populous is fascinating when compared to the rest of the locations on this list, just like Wonder Women herself.

Hall of Doom/Justice League Watchtower

Combining these two together is kind of a cheat but it works because each area provides the same use for its residents. Where the Justice League Watchtower is home to everyone’s favorite heroes, the Hall of Doom is an area where the villains of the world can congregate and plan as well.

Both the Hall of Doom and the Justice League Watchtower exist in remote, hard to find locations. One is submerged beneath Slaughter Swamp, while the other resides in space, only readily accessible by boom tube transportation.

Amazing designs and location importance place these at the top of the list.

Gotham City

Everything about Gotham City is memorable. From its landmarks and areas – ranging from Crime Alley to Ace Chemicals to Arkham Asylum – to its look and presentation, every aspect of the city is striking.

Alongside there gritty look and feel, each area of the city also tends to play an important role in the stories and characters. The city itself even embodies the main superhero that represents it, Batman.

But while Batman may also be dark and broody, he also represents the hope that resides in all of the residents within Gotham as well. Despite the darkness, he lives as a symbol that good things can happen, even in the worst places.

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