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Best Build for Lara Croft Perks in Dead By Daylight

Lara has entered the Entity's realm

Lara Croft is the next licensed Survivor coming to Dead By Daylight. Her arrival was officially revealed after it had been leaked earlier this week. PC players can join the Dead By Daylight PTB now to see Lara Croft’s perks and how she fares against the Killers. Read on to see what we think are the best builds for Lara Croft’s perks in Dead By Daylight.

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Lara Croft Perks in Dead By Daylight

Lara Croft is a strong, resilient and athletic woman who has fought many dangers in her lifetime. Through her many adventures, Lara has honed her instincts and learned how to survive under any circumstance. Can this life experience help her in the Entity’s realm? Her three unique Survivor perks according to the current PTB are:

  • Finesse: The threat of danger can motivate any creature to strengthen its resolve.
    • Whenever you are healthy, Finesse activates:
      • Increases your Fast Vault vaulting speed by 20% with a cooldown of 30 seconds
  • Hardened: Live long enough and survival will run in your blood.
    • After unlocking a Chest and either blessing or cleansing a Totem, Hardened activates:
      • Suppress the urge to scream from any cause and instead see the aura of the Killer for five seconds. There is currently no cooldown.
  • Specialist: Adventure. Exploration. Excavation. You are in your element.
    • Whenever you unlock or rummage through a Chest, Specialist gains one Token up to a maximum of three Tokens:
      • Succeeding at a Great Repair Skill Check while repairing a Generator consumes all Tokens;
      • Permanently reduces the Repair Charges requirement of that Generator by four Charges per Token up to a maximum of 12 Charges.

Best Perk Builds for Lara Croft

Lara’s perks could easily work together to make her faster at vaulting and repairing, while also allowing her to see the aura of the Killer. Add Detective’s Hunch and she could complete all three actions more efficiently. A unique Detective David Tapp perk, Detective’s Hunch lets the Survivor see the auras of all Generators, Totems and Chests after any Generator is completed. Adding this to Lara’s already existing perks would be pretty useful.

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Image Source: Behaviour Interactive

Best Finesse Build

If you want to focus on her fast-vault perk Finesse, we recommend a speedy vault build using the following perks:

  • Finesse to fast-vault quicker;
  • Lithe to sprint away faster after a vault;
  • Windows of Opportunity to see all auras of possible vaults and pallets;
  • Quick and Quiet to silence the noise and notification of your fast vault.
hardened lara croft perk build dead by daylight
Image Source: Behaviour Interactive

Best Hardened Build

For a Totem-focussed perk build using Lara Croft’s perk Hardened, try this combination:

  • Hardened to see the aura of the Killer after cleansing or blessing a Totem and unlocking a Chest;
  • Detective’s Hunch to see the auras of Chests and Totems;
  • Overzealous – to increase your Generator repair speed after cleansing a Totem;
  • Inner Healing/Strength to heal one health state in a Locker after cleansing a Totem.
specialist lara croft perk build dead by daylight
Image Source: Behaviour Interactive

Best Specialist Build

To make the most out of the Chest-oriented Lara perk Specialist, try this item-boosting build:

  • Specialist to reduce charges on a Generator by consuming all Tokens accumulated after opening and rummaging Chests;
  • Plunderer’s Instinct to see the auras of Chests within 32 meters and have a higher chance of gaining a rare item;
  • Appraisal to rummage through opened Chests for extra items;
  • Built To Last to recharge any item’s charges when entering a Locker.

There are so many combinations to try with Lara’s new perks. Let us know in the comments what your favorite build will be! For more Dead By Daylight perk build tips why not check out our Sable Perk Builds or the best builds for The Lich.

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