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Top 5 Best Free Paladins Skins You Need to Download


Top 5 Best Free Paladins Skins You Need to Download

Paladins is the free hero shooter developed by Hi-Rez Studios. While the game is free-to-play with cosmetic in-game purchases there are plenty of free skins for players to download in various ways. These skins are easily obtainable through linking various social media platforms to Paladins as well as being on the lookout for some code giveaways. By linking Facebook, Twitter, Discord, and Twitch you can have a variety of different Paladin’s cosmetic items to show off to your friends and opponents. Throughout the course of Paladin’s life they have given out unique codes for various items and will continue o do so in the future so always keep your eye out for new items appearing.

By linking your Facebook account you are eligible for the chance to receive this free Jenos’ skin in Paladins.

Best Free Paladins Skins You Need to Download

The Viktor Charcoal Skin can be obtained by following the Paladins Twitter account and having your Hi-Rez account linked.

The Barik Team Fortress 2 Skin can be obtained by joining the Paladins Discord server with your Hi-Rez account linked.

Best Free Skins You Need to Download

The King Bomb King Twitch Prime Skin is available for Twitch Prime members by simply linking your Hi-Rez account with Twitch. You will also receive the Primal Prowler mount featured in the photo.

To obtain Pip’s Mad Scientist Skin player’s must you sue the Recruit a Friend program and play a combined 15 hours together. Players will receive extra rewards when playing together, such as gold and crystals.


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