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Every Suit Confirmed For Spider-Man PS4 So Far


Every Suit Confirmed For Spider-Man PS4 So Far

Every Suit Confirmed For Spider-Man PS4 So Far

Maybe its a bit of nostalgia, maybe it’s just iconic, but there is something really special about that classic Spider-Man suit. With so many re-imaginations of superheroes over the years it’s always great to see companies still respect the roots of the character. There are still plenty of crazy suits to don in Spider-Man, but having that classic suit to go back to is a nice feeling.

The classic suit actually comes in two different variants in the game. The first version being torn and damaged after Peter has a run-in with Wilson Fisk at the beginning of the game, and a fixed up version that Peter has repaired. Its special ability is Web Blossom which was shown in the latest E3 gameplay during Sony’s press conference.

The Advanced Suit is actually considered the default option in the game. It’s the suit you’ve seen Peter wearing in all of the trailers, including the very first time we ever saw the web-slinger back in 2016. With a giant white spider symbol on his chest this seems to be a sign that this is a very different Peter Parker from what we’ve seen in other mediums previously. Of course you can wear whatever suit you like best, but this new suit is sure to become a fan favorite.

The special ability for the Advanced suit is a 4x multiplier to your battle focus meter. This allows Peter to build his meter faster to unleash a special move or just heal up a little bit.

The Spider-Punk suit is a pre-order incentive for Spider-Man. This suit is definitely one of the more unique ones to the game, and was shown off as one of the three suits you will obtain for pre-ordering the game. Spider-Punk is from the comics and is seen during the Spider-Verse crossover event. The pre-order incentive suits can be still be obtained in the game, but for those who pre-order, they will be unlocked from the beginning.

Hobart Brown from Earth-138 is the man behind the Spider-Punk suit. He was first shown in January 2015 in his Spider-Punk outfit and Electric Guitar. The electric guitar is actually part of the suit’s special ability. Spider-Man will play a riff on the guitar dealing an area of effect attack on his opponents. This is a homage to both Hobart Brown and the Spider-Verse.

The Iron Spider suit seen in the recently released Avengers: Infinity War has made its way into the game. This is the second of the three pre-order incentives for Spider-Man. Fans of the movie will know some of the tricks this suit has in store for unsuspecting enemies. Iron Spider is also seen in the comics during Civil War back in 2006-2007.

No word has been given on what the special ability is that comes with this suit, but its’s probably an easy guess it will showcase the famous spider legs that this suit is known for.

Insomniac has included Peter’s homemade suit from Spider-Man Homecoming into the game. Most notable from this suit are the pair of goggles that Peter uses in this skin. While it’s not the flashiest suit Spider-Man will have in the game, it’s still a nice option to have, and shows how much love Insomniac is putting in. They want to really make sure there is something for every Spider-Man fan.

Like many of the other skins in this game we are unsure what the special ability with this suit will be, but we’re sure it will be just as bizarre as the suit itself.

The Secret War suit from when Spider-Man helped Nick Fury fight Latveria is making a return. With a special ability that allows Spider-Man to toss out an EMP to disable any weapons. The suit itself is rather bland looking and isn’t the most popular suit from Secret War, but still a good inclusion when looking at Spidey’s entire wardrobe.

The Velocity suit is the third and final pre-order suit available in Spider-Man. What is truly unique about this suit is that it was designed specifically for the game and has not been featured in anything else before. Adi Granov, a talented comic book artist known for his work on the Iron Man: Extremis miniseries and keyframe artwork on the 2008 Iron Man movie designed this suit. The Spider symbol looks to glow a blue/green tint of some sort making it distinct from other suits in Spider-Man’s arsenal.

The ability of this suit is still unknown, but it’s got to be called the velocity suit for some reason right?

The Spider-Man Noir suit is another that was found during the preview event. This suit was first seen during the Marvel Noir series which told the tale of a much darker Spider-Man universe. Set during the Great Depression, Peter Parker brutally wages war against an underground criminal organization.

This suit is unique and has been a favorite since its first appearance in February 2009. The suit’s special ability allows it to jam enemy communications preventing them from calling in any backup during the fight.

The Scarlet Spider suit first made its appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man #149 (October 1975). Ben Reily one of the spider clones in the world was the first to be known as the Scarlet Spider in Web of Spider-Man #118. After media outlets attended a preview event for Spider-Man it was discovered that the Scarlet Spider suit could not only be obtained in the game, but could be obtained within the first few hours.

Scarlet Spider’s special ability it to throw a hologram down that acts as a decoy for enemies so Spider-Man can take the pressure off of himself to help set up a better combo.

The Spider-Armour Mark II was created by Peter Parker when he lost his Spider Sense abilities. He needed to create this in order to protect from bullets because without his power he could be easily wounded or killed. This costume was first seen in Amazing Spider-Man #656 and the suit has gone through many re-iterations since then. It is unclear why the Mark II was chosen and if that excludes other variants from making it into the game.

The special ability for this suit allows for Peter to negate bullet damage, much like its intended use in the comics.

The suit from the latest movie Spider-Man Homecoming has been said by Insomniac to be included in the game. There are no images or gameplay of the suit yet, but it makes sense for them to include the Homecoming suit since the movie was widely popular. The homemade suit and Tom Holland’s movie suit both made it into the game, so we’re left wondering if any other movie suits will make it in.

The special ability for the suit is unclear and probably will remain that way until the game’s release on Sept. 7.


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