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Marvel’s Spider-Man Drops a New Story Trailer; 3rd DLC Suit Revealed

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Marvel’s Spider-Man Drops a New Story Trailer; 3rd DLC Suit Revealed

Marvel Games ended their SDCC (San Diego Comic-Con) panel with their biggest release of the year, Marvel’s Spider-Man. Insomniac Games came out on stage to reveal plenty of new details about Spidey’s PS4 adventure which included a new story trailer, a new costume and loads of extra goodies surrounding the game.

The new story trailer gives a load of new details about Spidey’s adversaries and some brand new looks at new ones. The trailer begins with more looks into villains we were introduced to back at E3 including Electro, Rhino, Scorpion,The Vulture and of course Mister Negative. We’re then given our first look at possibly the main antagonist of the game, Norman Osborn. Osborn, as previously announced, is running for mayor, but it seems that his Green Goblin persona may not be too far behind him. Norman has declared war on Spider-Man and he’s enlisted a classic anti-hero to do it, Silver Sable. Not only will Spidey’s villains and their various goons be on your tail, but you’ll be dealing with Silver Sable’s own army of elite soldiers.

We also get a great look at Spider-Man’s companions which include Mary Jane Watson and Miles Morales. The most radically changed of which is Mary Jane, who is an investigative reporter for The Daily Bugle. It seems that Mary Jane will be getting a little too close for comfort as she trails Osborn and Silver Sable. Insomniac has previously announced that Mary Jane will be playable for these investigative missions. Miles Morales is also given some screen time but not much is revealed on what his specific role will be on Team Spider. It appears that Miles is still a student so he may be providing scientific support, though this has not been confirmed.

To round out the panel, some other extra details were announced such as the 3rd Special Edition DLC costume designed by comics legend Adi Granov. The Velocity Suit which sports an incredibly sleek design with a glowing green spider symbol to boot! No details were given on the suits special abilities. Other neat extras were announced such as prequel novel and art book. Tie-in toys aplenty were shown off as well, which were all shown off over by AgentM during his live tweeting.

Marvel’s Spider-Man launches on PlayStation 4 on Sept. 7.

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