Pokemon Sun and Moon: All Hairstyles (Male & Female)

Pokemon Sun and Moon, for some reason, wants you to buy the haircuts and hairstyles blindly. It doesn’t show you what each one looks like, so we have decided to compile photos of each one, in order to show you before you spend 4,000 plus on a haircut that might leave you looking awful. Here they all are, for girl and boy trainers. We will be updating this as we get more, because there might be some hairstyles or haircuts missing.

You have got plenty to choose from, each are 4,000. And if you want a cut and a color, it will be 5,000. Quite the pretty penny, so ensure that you have the cut you want, before you buy it. Also, if you want to visit the salon or barber as soon as possible, past Route 1 in Hua’oli City you will find your first one. Every major location will have one for you to change up your look whenever you want.

These are the haircuts for women you can choose from:

Chin-length bob

Short and bobbed

Long and straight

Medium and wavy

Romantic tuck

Long and wavy

Cornrow braided bun

These are the ones for the men that you can choose from.

Medium and smooth

Braided cornrows

Ceaser cut

Modern quiff

Medium and layered

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