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Overwatch: All Moira Skins (Legendary, Epic, etc.)


Overwatch: All Moira Skins (Legendary, Epic, etc.)

Overwatch’s PTR has been updated, and the infamous Moira is now ready to be played. She was first revealed at Blizzcon 2017, and players have been antsy to check her out. She’s a support player that can deal her own set of damage, so don’t underestimate her. Her orbs are useful when thrown, as they bounce around all over the place. They can either heal allies or damage enemies. Most of her moves work this way, really. Her ultimate is a beam of light (think kamehameha) that will heal allies and damage foes. Her primary attack sucks the life from enemies, which in turn will heal her. So, yeah, she’s pretty tough to take down. Her skins definitely have a bit of a sinister undertone to them, too. Fitting, considering she was a once member of Overwatch turned Talon scientist. She may be up to no good, but her abilities will mean you’ll turn the tide of battle for sure. Players have been wanting another support and they certainly got it with Moira and her addition. Not only that, though, she’s definitely able to hold her own and be combat ready. Maybe this means the end to some of the other support characters for awhile?

Anyway, here are all Moira skins in Overwatch.

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