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Overwatch: All Ashe Skins, Legendary Skins & Gold Weapons


Overwatch: All Ashe Skins, Legendary Skins & Gold Weapons

All Ashe Skins, Legendary Skins & Gold Weapons in Overwatch

Ashe is finally playable on the Overwatch test servers, and she even comes complete with all of her cosmetics. Here’s a good look at all of the Ashe skins, legendary skins, and gold weapons in Overwatch.

Like with every hero, Ashe starts out with one common costume (the default outfit), four rare recolors, two epic recolors, and four legendary skins. Moreover, you can also unlock her gold weapons by saving up competitive points.

The sniper has a total of three different golden weapons in Overwatch: her lever action rifle, the coach gun, and her dynamite. Sorry B.O.B. fans, but he doesn’t get a gold-plated skin or even a golden hat to match her. The omnic does get his own pair of outfits and recolors with each different cosmetic item.

Here’s a list of all of her skins and legendary skins and their prices below:

  • Classic – Free
  • Paintbrush – 75 Credits
  • Sunflower – 75 Credits
  • Tansy – 75 Credits
  • Yucca – 75 Credits
  • Posh – 250 Credits
  • Thorn – 250 Credits
  • Gangster – 1000 Credits
  • Mobster – 1000 Credits
  • Jungle – 1000 Credits
  • Safari – 1000 Credits

Ganger/Mobster and Jungle/Safari each come with different sets of weapons for Ashe. These weapons in Overwatch also have their own golden counterpart, which is included if you’ve bought her golden guns.

When Ashe finally gets patched in the live servers, she’ll also have her own set of Overwatch League skins to match the rest of the crew. With new teams on the way, we may see new combinations for her along with all of the other heroes.

And, of course, she also has a chance of getting new legendary skins during Overwatch events. These skins cost thrice the amount of her regular cosmetics, so you should start saving up your credits if you want her Overwatch event skins.

How to Get Ashe Skins

Whether you’re playing on the live servers or on the PTR, you can only get skins through two methods:

You can get loot boxes by leveling your account by playing matches, buying them with real money, or getting them as rewards for a high endorsement level. You’ll never know what skins or cosmetics you’ll get when opening Overwatch loot boxes, so these Ashe skins are up to chance.

Otherwise, you can just by them in the Hero Gallery if you have enough credits. You can earn this in-game currency through loot boxes when you get duplicate cosmetics or by outright getting credits.

Those are all of Ashe’s skins, legendary skins, and gold weapons in Overwatch. For more on the game, be sure to search for Twinfinite.

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