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Overwatch: How Many Endorsements You Need to Level Up


Overwatch: How Many Endorsements You Need to Level Up

How Many Endorsements You Need to Level Up in Overwatch

At last – there’s a suitable reason to play nice like mama said you should. The newly introduced endorsement system in Overwatch is considered the positive counterpart to reporting players, and spreading good vibes among the community by giving people props for their efforts. Even better, it’s a mutually beneficial practice, as endorsing someone else will net a small amount of player experience for yourself, as well.

All players begin at endorsement level 1, with 5 being the maximum level. Every time you receive an endorsement, it will bring you a step closer to leveling up, and similarly, punitive actions will have the opposite effect. If your account is silenced, temp banned or any other major infraction, your endorsement level will be reset to level 0. Note, that is lower than the initial starting level – a clear indictment that could negatively impact your ability to find groups.

At this point, it is still unclear how many endorsements you will have to receive in order to level up, and it is tricky to track, considering that minor transgressions such as leaving a game early or simply not receiving any endorsements over a period of time can reduce your overall endorsement score. Blizzard have not released an official word on this yet, and they are typically tight-lipped about reputation-based scores, if their forum trust level system is any indication.

We will update this post when a definitive answer becomes apparent, but from most accounts, even reaching level 2 has proven to be a slow process. So keep on doing the little things that people appreciate, and watch as the endorsements come flooding in! And don’t forget to check out Twinfinite’s full range of tips, tricks and guides for more info about Overwatch and other fantastic games. Our endorsement score is level 6. Just saying.

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