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Overwatch: How to Get Loot Boxes

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Overwatch: How to Get Loot Boxes

In Overwatch, there is a ton of stuff to gather up. How you will unlock a majority of the different things in the game is through something called Loot Boxes. You open these bad boys up and you’ll be swimming in new stuff. The only way to unlock these boxes is by leveling up, which is done by playing the game organically. Of course, if you win matches, you’ll get more experience. The better you do, same deal. The only thing that won’t yield much for you is if your team is defeated, but nonetheless, you’ll still gain experience. Every single time you level up, you’ll receive a Loot Box.

Once you’ve leveled and gotten the notification of your new box, head over to the main menu. Once there, go to where it says Loot Box. Here, you’ll have the ability to actually open up the box and see what’s inside.

You can get anything from skins, to spray paints, to currency. Go for the gold and win a ton of matches so you can ensure that you get some Loot Boxes, because there’s plenty of stuff to collect in the game. Especially the rare, awesome skins that you would otherwise have to buy with currency in Overwatch.

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