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Overwatch: How to Unlock Legendary Skins


Overwatch: How to Unlock Legendary Skins

Leave it up to RNG.

Unfortunately, getting legendary skins in Overwatch will depend largely on your luck, especially if you’re just relying on your rewards from the Loot Boxes. As you know, you’ll earn a Loot Box each time you level up, and these Boxes will give you four customization items for random characters. The good news is, you’ll never receive duplicate items, and any duplicates will be converted to in-game credits instead. Listed below are a couple of ways you can obtain Legendary Skins.

Loot Boxes – Leave it up to your own luck and fortune. You’ll get four random customization items in a Loot Box for each level you gain, and one of those items could be a legendary skin. Since you’ll never get any duplicates, this means that the more you play and unlock, the higher your chances are of getting a legendary reward. Just pray that it’s a skin for a character you actually enjoy playing.

Use Credits – All duplicate items will be automatically converted to in-game credits. You can then save up these credits to buy a skin for a character that you like.

Have you gotten any cool skins for your favorite Overwatch heroes yet? Let us know in the comments down below.

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