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Top 15 Longest Video Games of All Time

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Top 15 Longest Video Games of All Time

Let’s kick off this list of the longest video games by noting something very important. This list is a combination of our own personal experiences, plus data shared by HowLongToBeat, a site that collects game completion data. Your experiences with specific games may vary greatly.

Longest Video Games of All Time

1. Dragon Age: Inquisition

Dragon Age: Inquisition according to most people, is the longest of the modern Bioware games. Like some of the other WRPGs on this list, the main story is actually all that long, but most people are definitely playing a lot of side content, and that pushes DA:I into the 80+ hour range.

2. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Just like Dragon Age, the actual story of Oblivion probably will take you around the same as your average RPG. Maybe around 30-40 hours. However, we all know that barely anyone just played Oblivion for the story. You’re getting sucked into side quests along the way, and that will put your average play time well into the 100+ realm.

3. Fallout: New Vegas

Seeing a running theme here? It won’t last throughout the whole article, but yes Fallout: New Vegas is yet another game where, main story wise, New Vegas weighs in at a manageable 30 hours or so. It’s when you start going down the rabbit hole of exploring the desert wastelands of what was formerly Las Vegas that you start dipping into a 100+ hour experience.

4. Divinity: Original Sin II

Divinity: Original Sin II is one of the more recent entries on this list, but is still one of the longest video games out there. Its a D&D inspired WRPG that gives you so much freedom to create your own personalized character, and approach quests with a lot of latitude and creativity. Divinity: Original Sin II’s campaign is lengthy enough clocking in at around 50 hours, and expect to spent around a 100 hours+ just interacting with the world, completing side quests, or just messing around with friends in co-op.

5. Baldur’s Gate II

Baldur’s Gate II is one of the all-time great classic iso-RPGs and the inspiration for modern games in the genre like the excellent Pillars of Eternity. What a lot of classic iso-RPGs have in common is that they are long, very long. Just going through the main quest will probably take around 70+ hours, and you can easily up that number into the 100s by going all in on the side quests.

6. Final Fantasy XII

Most Final Fantasy games usually are going to cost you at least 40 hours, but Final Fantasy XII takes the cake for the non-MMORPG entries. Assuming you’re not going out of your way to just blaze through the main story with the lowest stats possible, and you spend time doing quests, and hunts, you’re looking at a near, or exceeding 100 hour completion time. The Zodiac Age remake though considerably speeds this up.

7. Xenoblade Chronicles II

Xenoblade Chronicles II, just released late last year, carried on the series’ tradition of being long AF. It can easily clock in at 100 hours+ just for a normal completion, and the more you spend completing side objectives, it can even start approaching 200 hours, certainly making it on of the longest video games.

8. Persona 5

Persona 5 might have one of the longest just pure main story time completions on this list. Even just casually going through side objectives, and playing the game normally without any kind of guide is probably going to take you almost 100 hours. If you’re trying to get all the social links, and Personas, you’re looking at 150 hours+ easy (again assuming you don’t use a min/max guide).

9. Rainbow Moon

Right up there with Persona 5 is Rainbow Moon. The storyline alone will probably run people almost 100 hours if not more, and then you also have extra objectives to keep you busy for even longer if you want as well.

10. Fallout 4 (Complete)

What makes Fallout 4, another super long open-world WRPG, stand out from some of the other games on this list is its substantial amount of DLC. Nuka World alone adds a very sizable area to explore on top of the already massive Commonwealth zone. Even without mods, just Vanilla Fallout 4 plus DLC will easily take people over 100 hours assuming you’re not just pushing through the main story as quickly as possible.

11. The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim (Complete)

Again, like Fallout 4, Skyrim has a massive area to explore from the start. There’s guilds to join, side quests to complete and more. And the, you can lump the massive Dragonborn, which throws one of the locales of Morrowind, Solstheim, into the mix as well. Like all of the other open-world WRPGs on this list, your experience is going to vary, but for most people, get ready to sign on for over a hundred hours easy.

12. Xenoblade Chronicles X

Xenoblade Chronicles X takes the cake in a series of games that are very long, and is arguably the longest JRPG of all time (depending on your definition of it). The main story will run you long enough, but there is so much extra content for completionists that you can easily spend over 150 to 200 hours in Xenoblade Chronicles X if you want to.

13. The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind (Complete)

Although Skyrim gets more attention these days, Morrowind still has the heart of the purists of the series. It’s the game that bridges the early years of the series, with the modern age. It features many of the same open-world elements, but without the luxury of total fast travel and map marker hints. Because of the extra work you’ll need to put in, you’ll be spending a lot more time in Morrowind without a guide, making it one of the longest video games.

14. The Witcher 3 (Complete)

The Witcher 3 is a massive game, with so much well-written content and worthwhile side content. So well done in fact, that it’s almost impossible to resist going off the beaten path to complete them. The Witcher 3 also features, lengthy expansions, and putting that all together, you have what is arguably the longest and most well-received WRPG of all-time.

15. Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite

This is where it gets tricky. The Monster Hunter series is known for being a massive time sink, because of the amount of grinding that you’ll need to do to see the game through to its end. While there’s a lot of choices in the series we could have gone with, Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite takes the cake. Most players according to HowLongToBeat report taking almost 150 hours just to complete the main story and completionist runs taking a massive 455 hours. All the styles averaged together ended up at 237 hours roughly. There’s no doubt that if you want spend ungodly amounts of time on your PSP/Vita, Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite is the way to go.

That does it for our list of the longest video games of all time. Let us know what you think down below in the comments.

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