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Every Trailer Showcased During the E3 2017 Sony Press Conference


Every Trailer Showcased During the E3 2017 Sony Press Conference

An alright showing from Sony.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy – The Lost Legacy expansion for Uncharted received another big trailer at Sony’s E3 2017 press conference, and it follows a new adventure with Chloe and Nadine. There’s still no confirmed release date yet though.

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds – The Frozen Wilds is a brand new expansion for Horizon Zero Dawn and it got its debut trailer at Sony’s press conference. It’s slated for a 2017 release.

Days Gone – We finally got a more in-depth look at Days Gone this year, and it features lots of sneaking gameplay and trap-setting. There’s also a zombie bear.

Monster Hunter World – Monster Hunter World received a debut gameplay trailer at Sony’s E3 2017 press conference, and it showed off a wide open world, full of exciting combat options and large beasts to capture.

Shadow of the Colossus – Probably the biggest surprise of this year’s conference, Sony announced a remake of Shadow of the Colossus with enhanced graphics and (hopefully) enhanced gameplay as well.

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite – Set to release on September 19, Marvel vs Capcom Infinite features characters from Guardians of the Galaxy, along with classic Capcom characters. There’s even a story demo out today.

CoD WWII – Call of Duty: World War II got shown off at Sony’s press conference today, and it gave us a better look at some of the exciting WWII “boots on the ground” combat gameplay. The game will feature weapons like bayonets and flamethrowers.

Skyrim PSVR – We just can’t seem to escape Skyrim this E3, as it showed up yet again during Sony’s conference as a new PSVR title.

Star Child – Star Child was a third-person title announced for the PSVR as well. We don’t know too much about it, but it looks pretty colorful and eye-catching for what it is.

The Inpatient – One of the new PSVR titles from Supermassive Games, The Inpatient takes place in some sort of asylum where the protagonist has to try to find a way out.

FFXV: Monster of the Deep – Final Fantasy XV’s PSVR title is called Monster of the Deep, and apparently it’s going to have a very large focus on the fishing mini game.

Bravo Team – Another PSVR title from Supermassive Games, Bravo Team seems to be a shooter game that will likely make use of the new PSVR Aim Controller.

Moss – Moss is probably the most interesting PSVR title shown off at Sony’s E3 2017 press conference. It’s an adventure game where your mousy protagonist fights off monsters and a giant snake.

God of War – God of War is one of Sony’s big exclusive titles, and we got an extensive gameplay trailer today. Combat certainly looks a lot faster than what we saw last year. It won’t be out this year, though, and will be releasing in 2018 instead.

Detroit: Become Human – Quantic Dream showed off another gameplay trailer for Detroit: Become Human, introducing a new rebel android named Marcus. Unfortunately, there’s still no news on when it’s releasing.

Destiny 2 – Unsurprisingly, Destiny 2 received a new trailer at Sony’s E3 2017 press conference. The game will be getting PlayStation exclusive stuff like a new strike, PVP map, Exotic weapon, and other gear.

Spider-Man – Sony closed out their E3 2017 conference with a long look at Spider-Man and its gameplay. It’s clear that Insomniac has taken a lot of cues from Rocksteady’s Arkham games in terms of combat. It’s slated for a 2018 release.

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