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Sony Shows off God of War Gameplay at E3

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Sony Shows off God of War Gameplay at E3

Kratos is back.

God of War’s reboot was teased with a short gameplay trailer at last year’s E3 but now we’ve gotten a good look at the highly anticipated title. Kratos is back, with his son in tow, and it looks like he’s left Greece and headed to the Nordic part of the world. The game has been given a release window of early 2018 so it looks like we can expect to learn more details on the game soon.

The original God of War games were known more for their action packed ultra violent gameplay but it looks like this new God of War will have a more nuanced story as well as intense gameplay and combat. The details are scare, and it’s unclear as to why Kratos has traveled to such a colder climate, though no doubt it involves his son. He also appears to be armed with a magical axe and a deadly arm shield that can be used for both offensive and defensive purposes.

Veterans of the old games will expect there to be mythical beasts to slay and the new title is in no shortage for them. We saw Kratos go up against a variety of beasts and use raw power to bring them down. This may be a new era of God of War, but it’s every bit as violent.


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