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Metro Developers “Don’t Believe In Exclusives”, No Unique Content For Xbox One X

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Metro Developers “Don’t Believe In Exclusives”, No Unique Content For Xbox One X

A level playing field across all platforms.

Metro Exodus was revealed during yesterday’s Microsoft E3 press conference, and it looked utterly gorgeous running on what was confirmed to be representative of Xbox One X hardware. The developers have since confirmed, however, that the game is multiplatform and will not feature any unique content for Xbox One X.

Speaking in an interview with Geoff Keighley during “Live at E3”, executive producer for the game, John Block, explained that developer Deep Silver has no plans “to carve off any content for a particular platform” and that they “don’t believe in exclusives”. Block went on to state that the game was designed “from the ground up as a cross-platform game”. When asked what the differences might be between Xbox One X and PS4 Pro, he admitted it was hard to say at this point, though the team was aiming for a 4K HDR experience.

Described as the “latest and greatest “version, the game engine is actually a modified version of the game used for Metro 2033.

Deep Silver has also since shared more details on Metro Exodus. Artyom returns as the game’s main protagonist, fleeing the ruins of the Moscow Metro with a group of fellow survivors. The level design is not a fully open world but is described as a “sandbox survival experience,” with players exploring large, non-linear levels in a story that span an entire year.


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