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Best RimWorld Mods You Can’t Play Without

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Best RimWorld Mods You Can’t Play Without

Want the best Rimworld mods possible? Here are the best Rimworld mods we’ve found. Whether you’re looking for more immersion, better graphics, more weapons, more animals, or just want to make the game easier, these mods will do the trick.

Best Rimworld Mods

Project Armory

Project Armory wants RimWorld’s weapon choices to be as vast as the best possible. The mod adds weapons ranging from medieval times to modern guns to sci-fi level armaments. though there are many mods that add weapons, this is one of the prime choices.


SuperiorCraftingA11b is all about crafting, and being the best. It adds a little more realism and a hearty challenge to the research tree, giving you only the basic as you start out, and requiring you to make hard research decisions to unlock further advancements.

EdB Prepare Carefully

EdB Prepare Carefully gives you control before your crash landing. With a given number of points, you can customize your colonists, starting gear, and resources before the game begins. Pre-planning can come in handy before you attempt to start a new life.

Pawn State Icons

Pawn State Icons is one of the small but helpful mods that adds status icons next to your colonist’s names, letting you know right away whether they’re cold, starving, happy, or flat out insane.

RimWorld Zombie Apocalypse

The name says it all. RimWorld Zombie Apocalypse adds Zombies as realistically as possible. They attack indiscriminately, they spread infection on bite, they walk 20% slower, and they can come in terrifying hoards.


Simple but enjoyable, Glassworks adds glass to rimworld so you can add glass to your buildings, allowing light to spread across rooms. You can even research stronger glass that will withstand attack.

The Great War

Looking to get patriotic in rimworld? The Great War adds six global factions and WWI equipment to the game, including bayonets and national flags. Choose your nation (France, Germany, Britain, Russia, Austria Hungary, or the Ottoman Empire) so you can defend your encampment from waves of enemies.

Body Bank

Body Bank adds new prosthetic and bionic limbs and parts to implant onto your colonists. It even adds a new body part trader that will buy and sell all of these new hands and feet.


Guns tend to make virtual survival a little easier, so Rimfire adds 33 new ones to your arsenal, all craftable and lethal. There’s plenty to research with new pistols, SMGs, sniper rifles, and even rocket launchers to discover.

Cheaper Components

If you want to tone the experience down a bit, Cheaper Components will lower the steel cost and work time to make components. It’s a tweak that won’t ruin your experience, just lighten it to a more comfortable level.

T’s Mods

T’s Mods adds a variety of smaller mods that tweak the RimWorld experience to an all around nicer level. The collection adds terraforming, more crops, additional flooring and beds, and more. Nothing massive, but it’s a good starter mod pack.

Jabbamonkey’s Graphic Overhaul

If RimWorld’s visuals are a little too simple for your taste, Jabbamonkey’s Graphic Overhaul adds a ton of updated textures that may suit your style more.


Every game can be improved with more animals. Biodiversity adds new animals to each rimworld map type along with realistic behaviors like aggression towards nearby people. it’s the best

Hardcore SK Rimworld A13 project

The mother of the best rimworld mods projects, Hardcore SK Rimworld A13 project is collecting tons of smaller mods to create a package offering improved complexity and immersion. There’s a huge list of mods involved, adding everything from hedgehogs to inorganic matter.

Auto Seller

While a lot of the best rimworld mods want to up the immersion, some want to automate the game a bit more. Auto Seller allows you to – surprise – auto sell your stocks of junk according to rules you set yourself.

That does it for our list of the best Rimworld mods you can’t play without! Have any favorites yourself? Hit us up with them down below.

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