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50 Best (and Worst) Monster Hunter World Character Creations

Monster Hunter World

50 Best (and Worst) Monster Hunter World Character Creations

Monster Hunter: Vogue

Monster Hunter World has an incredible character creation system that allows you to create either yourself, or whatever and whoever you want in-game. Some fans have taken Monster Hunter World character creation seriously. Trying their best to create themselves as accurately as possible, or if not themselves, someone famous and good looking. Character creation in Monster Hunter World has lots of tools to pull that off.

However, not everyone takes Monster Hunter World Character Creation seriously. Some just want to make the most insane, and horrific hunters that they can possible come up with it. You could look like a boring, normal, sane hunter, or you could be as ridiculous as possible with it in order to strike fear into the hearts of gruesome monsters.

Whatever your choice is, here are the 50 best (and worst) Monster Hunter World Character Creations.

If you’re risking your life to fight dangerous beasts in Monster Hunter World, might as well look the part.

Look at how in-depth the Monster Hunter World character creation system is!

You can’t help it, there’s a cute hunter in your squad.

“What is she wearing?”

50 Best (and Worst) Monster Hunter World Character Creations

Looking a little old there, Frieza. Are you sure you’re in the right game?

When you forget to take off your makeup before sleeping.

Before Infinity War, Thor decided to take some much-needed time off to hunt some monsters.

Hitman lives! …Well, sort of. Agent 47 is going to need more than guns to take down his new targets.

20 Best (and Worst) Monster Hunter World Character Creations

Tommy Wiseau needed to get a new job after The Disaster Artist. Turns out he makes a pretty good hunter.

Why pay for advertising when you can put the product in the game?

All skin colors are beautiful, even the blue ones.

Since the Final Fantasy 7 remake is taking too long, Cloud Strife decided to take up a part-time job as a hunter.

Think Hatoful Boyfriend, but with monsters instead.

I mean, if this doesn’t sway you, probably nothing else will.

If Monster Hunter had amazons, Kaleina would probably be the queen.

Pink hair and golden eyeshadow is definitely all the rage right now in Monster Hunter World.

It looks like Geralt won’t be waiting for Witcher 4; he’s always ready to hunt some monsters.

When you’re too kawaii to live, but too sugoi to die.

D.Va blows up too many mechs, so the Mobile Exo-Force has sent her out to ride monsters in Monster Hunter World instead.

David Bowie or Mystique? You decide.

She protecc, she attac, but most importantly, she lookin’ like a snacc.

Your friends should be proud.

Parasite Eve lives on.

Monster Hunter World Character Creations

She’s a looker, alright.

Lovely lady!

He be huntin’ for that gold.

Queen? Queen.


Rider’s ready to mount those monsters.

And I say hey… what’s going on?

“! want nobody nobody but you!”

Monster Hunter World Character Creations

Eyeliner on point!

Hama’s looking gorgeous AF in Monster Hunter World.

Fabulous and ready to slay!

You don’t wanna mess with Mephiles.

We’re definitely not saying no.

He’s just got those eyes… and that hair!

Monster Hunter World Character Creations

When you become the monster.

One word: fabulous.

Thor prepping for Infinity War.


Such elegance!

Monter Hunter: Bro

Hey daddy-o!

Menat, is that you?

Monster Hunter World Character Creations

That blue is electrifying!

Surrender to my will!

Cute like Khaleesi.

Monster Hunter World Character Creations

Old man Jenkins?!

Drop dead gorgeous!

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