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Apex Legends: All Chaos Theory Event Skins

Apex Legends Chaos Theory cosmetics

Apex Legends: All Chaos Theory Event Skins

Apex Legends fans know that with every new collection event comes brand-new character skins, gun skins, charms, an heirloom, and more. The Chaos Theory Collection Event added quite a bit of cosmetics to Apex Legends, so here are all of the new character skins available.

Wattson – Electric Blue

apex legends chaos theory skins

Wattson gets two new skins this time around, and the least expensive one is of Epic rarity. Electric Blue has an animated pattern that adds to her electric theme.

Wattson – Chaos Conductor

apex legends chaos theory skins

Chaos Conductor is Wattson’s new Legendary skin to go along with the Chaos Theory event. It dresses her up in conquistador armor to fit the theme.

Caustic – Grave Robber

apex legends chaos theory skins

Caustic also gets two new skins here, which comes as no surprise since he’s the face of this Apex Legends event. His Epic skin, Grave Robber, is animated with skulls moving across the outfit.

Caustic – Deputy of Death

apex legends chaos theory skins

Deputy of Death is actually one of Caustic’s least scary skins, even though it’s still menacing. He’s got a golden mask and monocle, so this villain just got a bit fancier.

Rampart – Death Dealer

Rampart’s Death Dealer skin is one of her best. It’s outfitted with bones, plated armor, face paint, and a big metal skull. If you don’t like the look, I don’t know what to tell you.

Loba – Haute Hoplite

Loba’s new Legendary skin gives her Hoplite armor that’s been tweaked to suit her Apex Legends style. The wolf head on the shoulder is a perfect fit for her.

Crypto – Nomad Overseer

apex legends chaos theory skins

Crypto’s skins are some of the most interesting in Apex Legends, and Nomad Overseer is no different. His look changes a ton with this one, as the mask, necklace, and huge coat stand out a ton.

Revenant – A Gaze Eternal

Revenant is another Legend with creative skins. A Gaze Eternal give him a half marble, half-machine look. The multiple faces are creepy, but then, so is Revenant.

Pathfinder – War Path

The War Path skin removes part of Pathfinder’s torso, making his insides visible. It’s tough to make him visibly scary, though, thanks to his upbeat personality.

Gibraltar – Lost Dynasty

Gibraltar has been getting some of the best skins in Apex Legends recently, and this Chaos Theory Lost Dynasty one is another great one. The glowing eyes on the shield are a nice touch.

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