Top 5 Best Legends in Apex Season 13: Saviors

The list of best Legends in the game doesn’t usually change drastically from season to season, but, sometimes, certain buffs or nerfs can send characters up near the top of the rankings, or down into irrelevance. Here are our picks for the best Legends in Apex Season 13: Saviors.

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Which Legends to Choose in Apex Season 13: Saviors

Most characters are viable and useful, depending on the team comp that you decide to use them in, but here are some of the best Legends that are great picks no matter who else your teammates decide to use. These characters can strengthen any team when used properly and effectively.


Apex Legends Ash (1)

Ash is another Legend who joined the roster in the recent Apex Legends Season 11: Escape update. In contrast to other picks on the list, Ash is a completely offensive choice that excels in that role with abilities that encourage offensive pushes more than nearly any other Legend.

First of all, Ash’s Passive, Marked for Death, shows the location of recent death boxes on the map and will pinpoint the whereabouts of living teams that were responsible for those death boxes. This means that, as Ash, you’re likely to find teams right after a recent fight, which is the perfect time to take them out.

Her Arc Snare Tactical and Phase Breach Ultimate tie into this concept well. The Tactical traps foes to the spot where it’s been thrown or placed, forcing them to either fight or waste time destroying it. Meanwhile, the Ultimate warps Ash and her squad straight into the action with a one-way, aimed portal that’ll allow players to get the drop on unsuspecting teams.


Apex Legends Bloodhound

Bloodhound has been one of the best Legends ever since the first season of the game, thanks to their strengths as a true Recon class character. Providing information on enemy locations is always an extremely useful ability to have, and Bloodhound is able to both provide and act on that information.

Bloodhound’s Passive, Tactical, and Ultimate all work together to create one of the consistently strongest kits in the entire game. The Passive, Tracker, shows enemy footprints and recent activity on the in-game landscape in order to follow — or avoid — opponents.

The Tactical, Eye of the Allfather, scans the area to reveal more details from the Passive or outline enemies through walls. With a relatively short cooldown and wide radius, this ability is insanely good. Pair it with the Ultimate, Beast of the Hunt, and Bloodhound kicks things up a notch. They move faster during the Ultimate, regain their Tactical faster, and enemies stay outlined for its duration. So, Bloodhound is, without a doubt, an amazing pick — no matter the team comp.


Apex Legends Gibraltar

Gibraltar might be the most obvious choice when it comes to which Legend to pick. He’s a safe, simple bet for both newcomers and veteran players alike, much like Bloodhound.

First of all, Gibraltar is a “Fortified” Legend, which means that he takes 5% less damage. Couple that with his Passive that gives him a gun shield on any gun that he aims down sights with, and your survivability increases by a good amount. That’s not all, though.

His dome shield Tactical and Defensive Bombardment Ultimate will get any team out of sticky situations the majority of the time. The dome does attract a lot of attention, but it’s up to opponents to figure out how they can tackle the issue of pushing a Gibraltar who is getting ready for a fight in a safe position. And the bombardment just wreaks havoc on any players in a wide area, which is great both offensively and defensively.


Apex Legends Valkyrie

Valkyrie is a newer Legend who was introduced back in Season 9: Legacy. Her aerial mobility and repositioning options often give her an advantage over opponents who are stuck on the ground, attempting to shoot her out of the sky. Her balance of offensive and defensive abilities makes her a top-tier pick, even though she may take a bit of getting used to for newer players.

Valkyrie’s Passive, VTOL Jets, allows her to hover or fly in any direction to take high ground or get out of unfavorable situations. Rapidly tapping her jets can even help her fly faster than usual, making her a tough target in the sky.

That’s not to say that Valkyrie is completely helpless in the sky, either. Her Missile Swarm Tactical fires off mini-rockets that stun and slow enemies in a small radius. This is perfect for supporting an offensive push made by teammates. On top of all that, her Ultimate, Skyward Dive, lets her shoot straight up into the air with teammates to redeploy in a safer location when things get unmanageable on the ground.


Apex Legends Wraith

Wraith has been one of the most popular characters in Apex Legends since it launched — and for good reason. She’s one of the best Legends in the game and has been throughout nearly every single season. She works best when cooperating with teammates but is also viable for players who want to throw team comp and teamwork out the window.

Like Ash, Wraith excels in offensive maneuvers. Unlike Ash, she can also retreat and get out of overwhelming situations when stuck in a bad spot. And that’s all thanks to her Into the Void Tactical Ability. It allows her to disappear (or “phase”) and reposition across short distances, and she’s invulnerable while phasing.

This ability is complemented by her Voices From the Void Passive and Dimensional Rift Ultimate. The Passive is an inner voice that will let Wraith know whenever she’s in danger, allowing her to phase out or spot the potential threat. Dimensional Rift allows Wraith to create a two-way portal to either attack or retreat across relatively long distances, giving her even more tools to initiate firefights while also having a backup plan for worst-case scenarios.

That’s everything you need to know about the best Legends in Apex Season 13: Saviors. Of course, with the season just starting, we’ll be updating this list as we get more playing time in for the new Legend, Newcastle, along with the rest of the roster.

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