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Apex Legends Escape: Ash Abilities List

apex legends ash abilities list

Apex Legends Escape: Ash Abilities List

The deadly simulacrum, Ash, is the new Legend coming to the game this season. She’s an aggressive attacker who can locate, ensnare, and take down enemies efficiently when used correctly. Here’s a list of all of Ash’s abilities in Apex Legends Season 11: Escape.

Apex Legends Ash Abilities List

Passive Ability – Marked For Death

Ash’s Passive Ability is actually more of an active action. Her map will show her the location of recent enemy Deathboxes, and she’s able to interact with these Deathboxes to locate the attacking team that won the battle.

This means that Ash can either run directly toward a new fight or simply avoid confrontation altogether. She can use this ability once per Deathbox and it’ll be much more useful in the battle royale mode, as opposed to 3v3 Arenas.

Tactical Ability – Arc Snare

This Tactical Ability is reminiscent of the Northstar Titan’s Tether Trap in Titanfall 2. Ash throws a spinning snare trap that tethers the first enemy that gets close to it. The trap can tether enemies to floors, walls, doors, etc.

If the tethered enemy attempts to walk away from the trap, it’ll shock and slow them. The arc snare flies through the air a bit slower than regular projectiles, but it’s the perfect Tactical when it comes to managing Octane’s speed or Valkyrie’s flight.

Ultimate Ability – Phase Breach

Ash’s Ultimate Ability is a callback to Titanfall 2, as it references her Ronin Titan’s skills. This Ultimate allows her to tear open a one-way portal to a location within eyesight using her sword. Both allies and enemies can follow her through, but it only stays open for a very short amount of time.

This may sound similar to Wraith’s Ultimate, but it’s used much more offensively since Ash warps immediately after activating her portal. It’s great for instant flanking and repositioning, but it’s more of a one-way ticket, so be sure that you’re making the right decision when using it.

That’s everything you need to know about Ash’s abilities in Apex Legends Season 11: Escape. You can have a look a the related articles below to read up on even more of our Apex Legends coverage.

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