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Minecraft Holiday Gift Guide 2020 for the Mega Fan


Minecraft Holiday Gift Guide 2020 for the Mega Fan

Minecraft Guide Collection

collection, Minecraft Holiday Gift Guide

This is the official Minecraft guide collection by Mojang. The set includes eight books in a box set: Ocean Survival, Farming, PVP Minigames, Enchantments & Potions, The Nether & The End, Redstone, Survival, Creative.

Whether you’re buying for a new Minecraft fan or a veteran of the franchise, this guide collection is a must-have item. You can buy it on Amazon right here.


poster, Minecraft Holiday Gift Guide

Posters are a great way to show off a love of Minecraft. Hot Topic has several options that would look great on any wall.

This worldly poster is my personal favorite. There’s also one that features various enemies and characters from the game and another that features different aspects of the Minecraft world.

Creeper Backpack

backpack, Minecraft Holiday Gift Guide

This backpack features the face of the iconic Creeper enemy from Minecraft. It has plenty of pockets for organization which makes it a perfect choice for school or work.

You can buy it from the official Minecraft store website right here.


alex figure

The Minecraft store website also has a selection of 8-bit style mini figures that work with the Minecraft Earth augmented reality game on mobile devices. They would also look great displayed on a shelf or desk.

Options include this Alex figure and this enraged golem figure.

Snap Back Hat

snap back hat

There is a selection ofhats on the Mincraft store website that feature the iconic Creeper enemy from the game. They’re youth hats, but have an adjustable snap back to fit to many sizes.

You can view the entire selection of snap back hats on their website here.

Water Bottle

water bottle

Hydration is key, which makes this stainless steel water bottle a great holiday gift. It holds 15.5 oz of water and the design features the characters Steve and Alex.

This water bottle can be found on Amazon right here.


minecraft lego

Minecraft and LEGO are a match made in heaven. When you need a break from building and creating in the video game, why not keep going with a LEGO set?

There are quite a few official Minecraft LEGO sets out there, such as this castle and farm set from Target.

Blanket and Pillow

blanket and pillow

When the winter months start getting cold, a blanket and pillow set are a great way to warm up. Minecraft fans will love this particular combination.

The blanket has a pattern featuring enemies, weapons, and blocks from the game. It even comes with a zombie pillow for maximum coziness.

You can buy the blanket and pillow set from Target here.

Plush Pillow

plush pillow

Look at how soft and cuddly this adorable sheep plush pillow is! It looks perfect for cuddling, and any Minecraft fan will appreciate a plush of this iconic animal from the game.

The sheep is available at Target right here, and there are other choices such as a panda and a creeper.

Glowstone Table Lamp

glowstone table lamp

This table lamp is a must-have for Minecraft fans. The shade looks like a block of glowstone with a torch under it as the stand. It’s subtle enough that it won’t look out of place in a living room or bedroom, but Minecraft fans will recognize it immediately.

You can grab this glowstone table lamp from Target right here.

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