10 Actors Who Would Kill It in the Dead by Daylight Movie

We'd love to see these actors enter The Fog.

Dead by Daylight is getting a film adaptation. Image Sources: Netflix / Behaviour Interactive via Twinfinite

Dead by Daylight has had a number of collaborations with iconic movie franchises, but who would have thought the game would become a movie franchise one day as well? Of course, we shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves, they’ve only just announced one film in the works, but with so many characters and unique killers, there’s so much potential here.

One of the best aspects of Dead by Daylight is the number of diverse characters and lore that they bring to the story. With so many characters, it would be impossible to feature everyone in the movie, but there are some fan favorites that everyone would love to see on screen. With that said, here are 10 actors who would kill it in the Dead by Daylight movie.

Jon Bernthal as David King

Image Sources: Netflix / Behaviour Interactive via Twinfinite

David King is no doubt one of the most popular male survivors, and the fact that there’s a shirtless David in every other game shows it’s largely because he fills the hot jock role. From David’s lore page, it’s revealed that he’s a tough guy who always got into fights and enjoyed spending time at the pub in his free days. Based on the fact that it mentions him taking an early retirement, we could assume his character is meant to be a little older.

With just one look at Jon Bernthal, it’s clear he’s giving the exact energy necessary for an on-screen David King. Based on other performances from Bernthal such as in The Punisher and The Walking Dead, it’s safe to say he can easily act like the tough guy who’s ready to throw hands. There’s also an uncanny resemblance between him and David King, so if anyone from this list is actually put in the movie, we really hope it’s Bernthal.

Kathryn Newton as Kate Denson

Image Sources: Netflix / Behaviour Interactive via Twinfinite

Kate Denson is every DBD fan’s favorite country girl, and she’s got some of the best cosmetics in the game that show off her love for music festivals and playing the guitar. While she can be girly with lots of flowy skirts and feminine colors, her tattoo sleeve and occasional rocker cosmetics also show she has an edge to her.

Based on Kathryn Newton’s performance in a variety of films including Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, we think she could perfectly portray our girly girl Kate who also has a less delicate side. In Dead by Daylight, there’s not much to go off when it comes to how the characters would react to a scary situation, but some characters like Kate just give off the vibe that they’d be braver and more strong-headed than the rest.

Newton also looks like someone wouldn’t break under pressure, which would only serve to bolster her performance as Kate.

Lana Condor as Feng Min

Image Sources: Netflix / Behaviour Interactive via Twinfinite

It wouldn’t be surprising if Feng Min ended up being the main character of the DBD movie. Based on the number of cosmetics she gets, it certainly seems like she’s Behaviour’s favorite. There’s a Feng Min in almost every match too, as fans love her for her cutesy style and innocent personality. She gives the impression of being the gamer girl who competes in tournaments and enjoys cosplaying, which makes her one of the most relatable survivors for players.

When thinking of Asian actresses who could accurately portray Feng Min, it was hard to not jump immediately to Lana Condor. She’s young and has a sweet personality that is reminiscent of Feng. Likewise, we’ve all seen Condor bring a fashionable and preppy character to life in To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, so all she needs to do is add a little geekiness to the mix and she’d be the perfect Feng.

Alex Wolff as Dwight Fairfield

Image Sources: A24 / Behaviour Interactive via Twinfinite

Dwight Fairfield is a manager at a supermarket, and based on all of his perks it’s clear that he’s the type of guy who loves to be in charge. He literally has a perk called “leader,” so it’s only fitting that whoever portrays Dwight on screen should give off the strong personality of someone who wants to take control and keep tabs on all of his friends. Despite this, Dwight still doesn’t seem like he’d be the bravest of the bunch, and his actor should be able to inject some vulnerability to account for this.

Alex Wolff is no stranger to the horror genre, and his performance in Hereditary showed us that he’s great at acting scared. Likewise, Dwight Fairfield is the everyday guy, someone you could imagine yourself knowing and being friends with in real life – all of which Alex Wolff emulates effortlessly. He’s someone you can easily imagine in the supermarket uniform that Dwight’s known to wear, and if you slap some glasses on his face and straighten his hair a bit, the two would be identical.

Sophia Lillis as Mikaela Reid

Image Sources: Warner Bros. Pictures / Behaviour Interactive via Twinfinite

Mikaela Reid is different from other survivors because, as of now, she’s the only one who likes to dabble in witchcraft. The red head loves to palm read and take part in plant-based spells, and she’s also a huge fan of horror. Her interests show through her looks as well, given she’s always wearing interesting runes and symbols along with the occasional witch costume.

Sophia Lillis has starred in quite a few dark films, from both of the IT movies to Gretel and Hansel. Lillis has proven herself capable of acting among the supernatural as a result, and it also wouldn’t be her first time playing a witch. She’s also known for her curly red hair and blue eyes, which are synonymous with Mikaela at this point. Factor in how Mikaela and Lillis both seem like the type of girl to stare a monster down without blinking, and there’s a clear winner ready and waiting to play the part.

Maya Hawke as Meg Thomas

Image Sources: Netflix / Behaviour Interactive via Twinfinite

Meg Thomas is the sporty track star of the game, with perks revolving around being fast and having tons of energy. While all of Meg’s clothes show that she prefers to dress comfortably, she has occasionally pulled off some boho and even glam looks. She always has a concerned look on her face too, which shows her seriousness and motivation to survive.

Maya Hawke is most well-known for her portrayal of Robin on Stranger Things, in which her survival instinct and boundless energy are on full display. Hawke also already pulls off the comfortable, tomboy style that Meg wears really well, so it wouldn’t be hard imagining her in the attire. She isn’t shy of taking on different roles either, so all she’d need is the comfy and athletic style to be a great Meg.

Steven Yeun as Jake Park

Image Sources: AMC / Behaviour Interactive via Twinfinite

Jake Park’s backstory mentions how he’s lived alone in the woods for some time, and based on his perks “calm spirit” and “iron will,” fans can assume that Jake has a chill personality and isn’t likely to freak out after being trapped by the entity. He’s also known to be a survival expert due to his time living in the wilderness, and can certainly get crafty when it comes to sabotaging the killer.

Our pick for the perfect actor to play him is Steven Yeun. He has plenty of experience in the horror genre due to his time in The Walking Dead, and while he started out as a comic relief character, he went on to show that he can pull out some serious acting chops in later seasons. Due to his easygoing personality and South Korean heritage, it isn’t difficult to imagine Yeun taking on the role of Jake Park and doing something incredible with it.

America Ferrera as Jane Romero

Image Sources: NBC / Behaviour Interactive via Twinfinite

Jane Romero was the first female character in the game to have a different body type, and fans all love her for that. Not only is she a bigger girl, but she’s also got great style, acting as the first character who got to wear thigh-high boots. Considering she’s an actress, it only makes sense that she’s a little more fashion-forward than her fellow survivors.

America Ferrera is known for her roles in Ugly Betty and the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, and she’s also going to be in the upcoming Barbie movie. Plus, her resemblance to Jane Romero is almost too good to imagine someone else in the part. Ferrera has also never done horror before, so this would be an interesting opportunity for the actress to potentially show off her range and versatility.

Ever Gabo Anderson as Nea Karlsson

Image Sources: Disney+ / Behaviour Interactive via Twinfinite

If Kate Denson is the girly rocker on DBD, then Nea Karlsson is the hardcore rocker. Aside from David King, Nea is probably one of the toughest characters, really selling that she’s a girl who grew up on the streets. Her life wasn’t as easy as the other survivors’ either, given she immigrated to the states at a young age and is known for being street-smart.

Ever Gabo Anderson often plays the tough girl with a rebellious spirit, which is exactly why she’d make the perfect Nea. Anderson is also the daughter of the video game movie acting alumni Milla Jovovich, so maybe Anderson could continue the trend. Even though Anderson might be a little young right now, by the time they start filming the movie she’d be just the right age for Nea.

Ayo Edebiri as Claudette Morel

Image Sources: FXP / Behaviour Interactive via Twinfinite

Claudette Morel is the botanist of the group. She’s studious, incredibly smart, and dresses more on the conservative side. Her knowledge when it comes to botany and science means that all of her perks revolve around healing. When you load into a match and see a Claudette, there’s always the expectation of getting some fast heals… unless they’re a bad teammate who only heals themselves.

Ayo Edebiri is an up-and-coming actress to look out for, especially after her exceptional performance in The Bear. While playing this part, she managed to strike a balance between being smart, caring, and strong, which is exactly the type of character fans would expect to see from Claudette. While none of the characters on DBD have confirmed ages, there is speculation from fans that Claudette might be a college student, and Edebiri falls into that same age range. She’s also comfortable acting in an apron, and Claudette’s apron from her official botanist outfit is one of her most memorable looks.

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