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5 Ways Activision Could Bring All-Out Chaos to Warzone DMZ

Nothing's off the table.

With Call of Duty’s DMZ extraction mode well established within Warzone and incorporating aspects of The Boys in the form of the Temp V Field Upgrade, I wanted to don my developer hat and conceive of five truly ludicrous things Activision could do with the mode in the future.

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The inclusion of the aforementioned Temp V has been controversial, with some loving it and treating it as an excellent anti-camper device and others adamant that superpowers do no belong in the mode at all.

Regardless, it got me thinking what else the devs could add now we’ve literally seen superpowers come into regular DMZ matches. Here’s five I came up with.

1. Zombies

Zombies in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War
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This one’s probably been thrown around the community before. With so many bots populating DMZ’s Exclusion Zones, it seems like an actual possibility that they’re swapped out for Zombies at one point another, most likely around Halloween.

We’ve seen Zombies added to Warzone before, back when Verdansk was the only map and players were loving everything about the battle royale.

It would add a sinister undead feel to all of DMZ, but I think it’d combine especially well with Vondel’s dynamic fog. It’d also be a nice change to have enemies that can only sprint and slash at you, rather than being seriously annoying and peppering you from the far side of the canal.

2. Treasure Chests

Warzone DMZ Workbench with a Treasure Chest on it
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So what I’m proposing here is essentially a juiced-up version of Supply Crates. We’ve all been in-game and seen one coming down relatively close by, knowing it could contain a lot of cash, maybe a Gold Skull and a top tier plate carrier.

Treasure Chests would work similarly, spawning in randomly at some point during the mid-match phase. How they’d stand out is in the loot they provide and the fact that every single player is told exactly where it is. The loot inside – I’m thinking tens of thousands in cash, guaranteed tempered vests, a few GPUs and more – would be enough to attract all nearby players and turn DMZ into a chaotic free-for-all.

3. Double Everything Periods

Warzone and Modern Warfare 2 Key Art
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We’ve all heard of Double XP periods, but what about Double Everything Weekends? Dropping into DMZ and knowing that everything would count for double is a crazy thought: every $1,000 accumulated is actually $2,000, every Revive Pistol is actually two and so on.

Unfortunately, I did say Double Everything. Double the bots, double the real-life players, double the bosses and double the carnage. I can only imagine how anarchic the busier POIs would be, or the entire Ashika Island map. It’s already nigh-on impossible to extract without at least one enemy team getting on your case. Maybe I shouldn’t have suggested it.

4. One Way Out

Exfil Screen in Warzone DMZ
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Every DMZ player will know the struggle of completing the missions and objectives they wanted to, only to realize that the nearest exfil chopper location is on the other side of the Exclusion Zone. I’m proposing turning this struggle into a full blown nightmare.

This mode, which I’m dubbing ‘One Way Out’ would see the number of exfil chopper locations reduced to 0, with a tunnel, walkway or bridge being the only route to freedom (and successful exfils). It’s a terrifying thought, mainly because I’m thinking about the amount of campers who’d congregate around the route out and make players trying to get their contraband to safety the most difficult task in CoD history.

5. Mid-Game Mini-Games

Vanguard Sticky Grenade with Warzone logo
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I’m rounding off with my personal favorite. One of the many reasons Grand Theft Auto V is so good is because it’s so diverse, incorporating driving, golf, tennis and more into its open world. I’m suggesting DMZ take a leaf out of this book and bring mini-games into the fold. Obviously, players would be rewarded for successfully completing a mini-game, probably with their pick of some top tier loot.

Obstacle courses, races to loot areas and accuracy-based grenade tossing would all be bizarre and out of place; a bit like The Boys’ crossover that first sparked this list.

Those are our picks for five insane things Activision could (but probably shouldn’t) do in DMZ. Maybe one day we’ll see them as LTMs. Maybe not.

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