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Warzone’s Annoying Temp V Is Actually a Brilliant Anti-Camper Device

Come for the campers.

As part of the crossover with Amazon Prime’s The Boys TV show, the Temp V Field Upgrade has been parachuted into Warzone and its modes. While its inclusion has largely been questioned and canned by players, it turns out it can be used as a ruthlessly efficient counter to campers.

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Season 4 Reloaded, dropping on July 12, brought a major pop culture crossover to Warzone in Activision’s collaboration with The Boys. Among Homelander, Black Noir and Starlight skins, it also introduced the Temp V Field Upgrade, a spin off of the show’s Compound V.

It grants users one of four superpowers when consumed and, despite largely being frustrating to players adamant it should only feature in a Limited-Time Mode (LTM), can actually be the perfect anti-camper device.

One DMZ player shared their experience of Temp V’s Teleport power, revealing how they used it with ruthless efficiency to rid themselves of an enemy camping atop a difficult-to-reach tower.

Calling it in, the player was respawned high in mid-air, as the Teleportation power allows. They quickly targeted the tower being occupied by the opponent, gliding down and landing close by. From there, it was a swift elimination onto the camper, who was presumably left confused as to how their tactic unravelled so rapidly.

While the play was from Call of Duty’s DMZ extraction mode it’s fair to say it’s a viable way to use the Temp V in any mode.

Campers have long been a pain in Call of Duty, with the term referring to players who occupy hard-to-reach spots. From there, they can pick off enemies without the same positional advantage. In Warzone, this is typically elevated spots in buildings or towers that only have one way up and down.

The Temp V might be causing headaches for a lot of players (trust us, we get annoyed when eliminated by Laser Vision too), but it can actually be used to rid yourself of a negative enemy. Every cloud, and all that.

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