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Is Gunfight in MW3? Answered

Will you and your friend come around?

Gunfight is one of the fan-favorite game modes from the Call of Duty series that offers an excellent opportunity for players to show their mastery of the game. If you are a fellow 2v2 connoisseur, you might be wondering the same thing: is Gunfight in MW3?

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Is Gunfight Coming to MW3?

Call of Duty’s official Twitter/X account provided some updates recently regarding MW3, and one of the more important highlights is that Gunfight will come in Season 1.

This is big news if you are an avid fan of this 2v2 mode like me. Activision hasn’t made any claims yet, but it’s fairly certain that Gunfight will be available from the start of Season 1 onward.

Gunfight Maps

CoD MW3 Gunfight Training Facility Map
Image Source: Call of Duty Twitter/X

Only two maps have been confirmed so far: Shipment and the all-new Training Facility. Other Gunfight locations will be carrying over from MW2, and Alley, Penthouse, Lounge, and Backsite seem to be the most likely additions.

If you aren’t familiar with it, most Gunfight maps were tailor-made specifically for it. Because only four players are split into two teams, all current MW3 maps are too large for this mode. I have little hope that we will ever see a version of Skidrow for Gunfight or something similar, but stranger things have happened.

What Should You Play While You Wait for Gunfight?

For those with an unquenchable thirst for close-quarters, lightning-fast action, MW3 has a new game mode called Cutthroat. You can battle it out in essentially the same way you did in Gunfight, but with a 3v3v3 team format. A thing to note is that in Cutthroat, you will bring your own loadout into the game, which might cause issues regarding team balance.

CoD MW3 Screenshot
Image Credit: Activision

Cutthroat is still one of the modes where your skill can shine the brightest. So, If you are playing with a gamepad and want to make your movement and aim the best they can be in Cutthroat, this guide explaining the best controller settings is a great place to start.

Hopefully, this clears up whether or not MW3 will feature Gunfight. For more on the game, we’ve got plenty of related articles, which you can check out below. Otherwise, keep it keyed to Twinfinite for all the latest news, guides, and features tied to the Call of Duty franchise.

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