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How to Get Operator Assault Kills in MW3

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Modern Warfare 3 Challenges
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The Call of Duty weekly challenges occasionally involve a few confusing terms that can ultimately deter players from achieving various feats. In particular, MW3’s Operator Assault Kills can be a difficult task to grasp, and we’re here to help by showing you how to achieve it.

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How to Complete MW3 Operator Assault Kills Weekly Challenge

The Operator Assault Kills weekly challenge mandates you to eliminate other players defending an objective. That means you must play game modes like Domination, Hardpoint, and Control. You can easily sort through the playlists using the filter, getting rid of other modes that don’t involve a defensive tactic.

Get 20 Operator Assault Kills with a Recommended Weapon in Modern Warfare 3
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Although the challenge may seem like an Assault Rifle-based kill, it has nothing to do with this particular loadout. You’ll primarily use a recommended gun for this weekly challenge, marked with a fire icon in the weapon collection.

SVA 545 Assault Rifle in Modern Warfare 3
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Some players have suggested participating in Rust 24/7 to get those MW3 Operator Assault kills at a fast rate. I was able to achieve almost half of the required eliminations with one round, so it’s definitely worth the play if you want to obtain the XP rewards immediately. On top of that, users have indicated that Rust 24/7 works better for the kill count, as a few Operators have run into trouble with the progression system.

You can ensure that the eliminations have been counted for whenever you’ve taken down an opponent in the defensive position. As a result, players will get one step closer to more exclusive content, such as the WSP Akimbo Brace Stock and Golden River camo.

That does it for our guide on MW3’s Operator Assault kills objective. While here, you can try to tackle other tasks by checking out our All Zombies Camo Challenges guide. Be sure to also explore the relevant links below for even more Modern Warfare 3 content.

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