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How to Filter Game Modes in Modern Warfare 3 (MW3)

Nobody can blame you for being a bit picky.

Sometimes when you’re playing a game like Modern Warfare 3, you get tired of being randomly placed into the same few game types. It can get old quickly, so if you’re looking to limit the amount of surprises you get in your matchmaking, here’s how to filter game modes in MW3.

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How to Choose Preferred Game Modes in MW3

modern warfare 3 how to filter game modes quickplay MW3
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When you want to limit which game modes will come up in your rotation of matches, you can do so by clicking Square (X on Xbox) when you’re hovering over the Start button for Quickplay. Doing so will take you to a screen with all of the different multiplayer game types, allowing you to select and deselect what will show up for you.

By default, all of the game types will be selected, meaning that you can be sorted into a lobby for any of those game modes that you meet the requirements for. You can deselect an individual game mode by simply pressing X (A on Xbox) while hovering over it, or you can select or deselect them all by pressing Triangle (Y on Xbox).

Why Should You Filter Game Modes in MW3?

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Other than just catering to your personal preference, filtering game modes can be a useful feature for if you’re trying to make your way through the Battle Pass. Different game modes will earn you more towards Battle Pass Tokens than others, so it’s good to block out some of the slower or less lucrative modes like free-for-all if you’re working on grinding through the Battle Pass.

Not only that, but if you’re using Double XP tokens, you’re going to want to be able to filter out the slower game modes or the ones that don’t give you the most opportunities to get kills. If you’re using a Double Weapon XP token, then you might want to filter out modes like Search and Destroy, but if you’re using a regular Double XP token, then you’ll want to leave in your objective modes to get the most out of it.

That’s really all there is to filtering game modes in Modern Warfare 3. It gives you plenty of flexibility in what you play, and it’s not hard to undo your changes if you want to try something new. For more guides like if MW3 is cross-platform or the best gear perks, check back here.

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