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When Will Sons of the Forest Come Out on PS5?

When Will Sons of the Forest Come Out on PS5?
Image Source: Endnight Games

When Will Sons of the Forest Come Out on PS5?

It may be quite some time….

Sons of the Forest has had an impressive launch on Steam, wracking up high numbers across sales and player count. That said, those numbers only reflect the Steam launch, and many console players are probably wondering if the sequel will hit their platform. If you’re one of the many asking this question, specifically regarding a PS5 port, here’s what you need to know about whether or not Sons of the Forest will hit Sony’s platform.

Will Sons of the Forest Launch on PS5? Answered

As of this moment, developer Endnight Games hasn’t stated any information on a PS5 port of Sons of the Forest. This news certainly is disappointing, as the previous entry, The Forest is playable on consoles. Sons of the Forest is only playable on Steam via Early Access.

Part of the reason why no info regarding a console port lies in the approach Endnight Games has taken with the sequel. The team intended to release the sequel as a full-fledged title but opted for an early access launch to add more content, essentially releasing an unfinished product. This release strategy was the best option for Endnight, as it hoped to get the product in the player’s hands.

Early access aside, it doesn’t mean it won’t ever come to PS5. The Forest was first released in 2014 via Early Access, and when it was a complete product, the team released console ports and the final version in 2018. So, a console port may happen; it just might take some time.

That being said, it’s worth noting that in an interview with Gaming Bolt, developer Endnight Games said: “We would love to come to console in the future, but are currently focused on delivering the best experience possible to PC players.

As such, this suggest that we may eventually get a Sons of the Forest PS5 port, but we might just have to wait a little while until the game has left early access on PC.

That’s all you need to know about Sons of the Forest and if there will be a PS5 launch. For more information related to Sons of the Forest, be sure to check out our related section below.

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