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What Nationality Is Gekko in Valorant? Answered

Gekko is from the U.S.
Image source: Riot Games

What Nationality Is Gekko in Valorant? Answered

It’s a great time to learn Spanish!

Valorant’s 22nd agent, Gekko, is debuting soon in the game, and many players are wondering what country Gekko is from. The agent was previewed for the first time during the finals of Riot’s Valorant Champions Tour Lock//In Tournament, and a gameplay trailer was also revealed, showcasing Gekko’s appearance and abilities. If you want to learn more about his nationality, then look no further.

Where Is Gekko From in Valorant? Answered

Gekko lives in Los Angeles and is American, but he has Hispanic heritage.
Image source: Riot Games

Gekko is an American agent born and raised in Los Angeles, California. However, it is essential to mention that despite his American identity, his parents are Mexican, and his mother speaks Spanish in his reveal trailer. In fact, Valorant fans can hear his mother calling Gekko by the name Mateo in the trailer.

Gekko’s narrative writer, Joe Killeen, said, “We set out to realize a first generation character, someone whose upbringing has been shaped by the blending of two different worlds: the cultural heritage of their parents, and the influences of their hometown.

The writer further explained that they chose to focus on the experience of growing up with two different cultural backgrounds, which is a relatable experience for many, and found a perfect example of this in Los Angeles. The city is made up of many diverse communities and immigrant stories, and they specifically honed in on East LA, a historic community with strong ties to Mexico.

To fully understand this experience, the development team consulted with Riot’s Riot Unidos Identity group members, first-generation individuals, and Mexican-Americans. They conducted focus group research interviews, visited East LA, collaborated with Gekko’s voice actor from the community, and included team members.

With his unique background and abilities, Gekko is definitely a significant addition to Valorant’s character roster. As is tradition, you can unlock the character by completing their contract, which also rewards you with other in-game items, including three sprays, two player cards, two tiles, a gun buddy, and a shorty skin.

That’s everything you need to know about Gekko’s nationality in Valorant. Before leaving, don’t forget to check out some of our other Valorant-related content in the section at the bottom of the page.

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