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What Is The Mandalorian Symbol & What Does It Mean?

Boba Fett with Mythosaur Symbol
Image Source: Disney

What Is The Mandalorian Symbol & What Does It Mean?

The other iconic Mandalorian symbol, other than Boba Fett and Din Djarin.

The latest season of the Mandalorian is all about the history and culture of Mandalore, which has been pretty well developed both in Disney canon and in Legends canon. Episode two of the Mandalorian has some details for which an understanding of Mandalorian culture and history would be useful to understand. One example of a cultural detail about Mandalorian is the iconic skull-like symbol that the Mandolorians often wear. Here is a guide to explain what the Mandalorian symbol is and what it means.

Mandalorian Symbol, Explained

The iconic Mandalorian symbol is the skull of a great beast called a Mythosaur. In canon, we have yet to get a full look at one of these beasts, though we do get a very brief look at its eye that gives an idea of just how big in scale they are, seemingly similar to a very large whale or a wingless dragon.

The legends describe them as having long snakelike necks, four legs, and a dinosaur tail. These beasts are part of the Mandalorians’ mythology and history of themselves, with the legends of ancient Mandalorians taming and riding the great beasts.

They’ve been mentioned a few times in canon, especially in earlier seasons of the Mandalorian. The Ugnaught Kuiil chides Din Djarin for failing to ride a Blurg, mentioning the legends of early Mandalorians riding the Mythosaur as a comparison. They were also mentioned by the Armorer in the Book of Boba Fett as creatures tied with the coming of a new age for Mandalore.

Before the Mines of Mandalore episode, it was rumored that Mythosaurs went extinct long before the events of the Star Wars movies, but that was obviously not the case.

Mythosaurs in Star Wars Legends Canon

It always bears mentioning that Disney can and has drawn from Legends before, especially with the creatures from Legends. The Mythosaur is just such a creature, which had no real appearance in the movies and yet was not retconned out of existence in the Canon since Disney took over. Like the Krayt Dragon, Disney seems interested in defining this creature more and more, and it’s possible they may draw from Legends canon to do so.

In Star Wars Legends we have a lot more information about the Mythosaur. In legends, besides looking like a dragon, these beasts were truly massive. Perhaps on the scale of some cities. In Legends, they were exterminated by the Taung, a lizardlike species who would become the Mandalorians, and their leader Mandalore the First.

The Mythosaur has a lot of relevance to the Old Republic era Mandalorians, who were one of the central players in the storylines of that time period alongside the Sith Empire and the Old Republic. Several key elements of the Old Republic Mandalorian aesthetic, from the Mandalore’s mask to the Mythosaur Axe, were crafted from their bones.

Depending on how much of Legends Disney wishes to make canon, that history may or may not be relevant, but with the canonization of the Mythosaur perhaps other elements of Mandalorian legends canon may come back like the Taung.

That’s everything you need to know about what the Mandalorian symbol is and what it means. If you want more Star Wars Lore guides, check out all the related ones we’ve got below.

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