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Warzone 2 Creator IceManIsaac Claims Season Two Reloaded Ignored “Fundamental Flaws”

Warzone 2 logo on Himmelmatt Expo MW2 Season Two Reloaded map
Image Source: Activision

Warzone 2 Creator IceManIsaac Claims Season Two Reloaded Ignored “Fundamental Flaws”

Plenty of QOL changes, but “fundamental flaws” ignored.

Warzone 2’s Season Two Reloaded dropped on March 15, bringing the huge raft of changes players have come to expect from the mid-season updates. Among other things, Raven delivered major weapon adjustments, overhauls to Armor and an ‘Inverted’ option for pesky Flash Grenades.

While the changes were welcomed by many players, others were frustrated at the lack of changes to core gameplay mechanics – like movement and time-to-kill (TTK). That’s the camp that Warzone 2 expert IceManIsaac falls into, criticizing the changes for ignoring the battle royale sequel’s “fundamental flaws”.

“Some of these QOL updates are FIRE (reverse flash, airspace too crowded timer, no helis in solos, bomb drone gone, etc),” he said. “However, no amount of QOL changes will fix the fundamental flaws with TTK and movement. Gameplay feel is what matters most and it’s still missing the mark.”

Warzone 2’s TTK has come in for considerable criticism since launch, with many in the community arguing it is too fast and leaves players little chance of winning engagements in which they were spotted first. No changes to TTK came with Season Two Reloaded.

In follow-up comments, Isaac explained that he thinks the reluctance to tweak problematic mechanics is making Warzone 2 lag behind its rivals – causing him to “lose hope”.

“All these games around us pushing the limits of what players can do,” he said, “and we regressed into something slower, more grounded, and less dynamic. F**king gutted man. Actually losing hope lately.”

He did, however, express some hope that TTK changes will come in the future, perhaps with Season Three when a Warzone Ranked mode is expected.

The devs have been incredibly tight-lipped about TTK since Warzone 2 launched, in spite of the community’s vocalization that they’d prefer it to be slightly slower. With that seemingly unchanging, Isaac remains concerned for the BR’s future.

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