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All 6 Dead by Daylight Tools of Torment Survivor Perks, Ranked from Worst to Best

Image Source: Behaviour Interactive

All 6 Dead by Daylight Tools of Torment Survivor Perks, Ranked from Worst to Best

Which sibling has the better perks: Thalita Lyra or Renato Lyra?

Dead by Daylight has brought two new survivors to The Fog, siblings Thalita and Renato Lyra. Together, the two delivered a new genre of perks to the game referred to as “Teamwork”. Whether this is something players will see more of, similar to the Boon perks, is not yet confirmed, but it does seem likely. This new aspect helps motivate survivors to stay together, which is not something many solo queue players do. Overall, Renato and Thalita have some unique perks, which some might argue are far superior to The Skull Merchant’s perks, and proves that Behaviour is continuing to give survivors an edge over the killer. Either way, between these two new characters, you might be wondering which survivor perks in Dead by Daylight’s Chapter 27: Tools of Torment are the best.

6. Teamwork: Power of Two (Thalita Lyra)

Image Source: Behaviour Interactive via Twinfinite

Power of Two boosts the movement speed of you and another teammate by 5% after one of you heals the other, but only if you two remain nearby each other. While this is great in concept, it’s actually really difficult to pull off. Also, considering that 5% haste doesn’t give you that much extra movement speed, it might not be worth an entire perk slot unless you have an entire build dedicated to moving faster.

Based on a few matches using this perk, the results were very inconsistent. If anything, I think it might have been more annoying to my teammates since constantly following them around during a chase might have drawn more attention to the two of us. It might be best to split up and just take the odds of the killer focusing on only one of you. It’s safe to say that this perk is not one you can depend on by itself, it definitely needs to be boosted by other perks and competent teammates.

5. Teamwork: Collective Stealth (Renato Lyra)

Collective Stealth hides the scratch marks of you and a teammate after healing one another, and only if the two remain within 12 meters of each other. Collective Stealth suffers the same exact problems as Power of Two. Staying side by side with a teammate is not easy to accomplish, especially if that teammate is a random.

Having your scratch marks hidden is incredibly useful, but having to follow someone else around in order for the ability to activate is frustrating. If you’re both being chased by the killer, there could be issues caused when both of you try to vault a window, or one might accidentally drop a pallet on the other. If there’s a clear sight for the killer to see you, then hidden scratch marks are irrelevant. This perk seemed to work best in Coldwind Farm, as the killer highly depends on scratch marks due to how hard it is to see survivors in the cornfields. If you’re planning on running this with a friend, definitely have some Coldwind Farm map offerings ready to go.

4. Cut Loose (Thalita Lyra)

Image Source: Behaviour Interactive via Twinfinie

Cut Loose gives some serious competition to Quick & Quiet as it also suppresses the notification and sound effects after a rushed vault. It should also be mentioned that the two can actually be used together to be even more sneaky, considering Cut Loose only works if you had already done a rushed vault 6 seconds prior. This is an excellent perk for those who aren’t confident in their abilities to run the killer for too long and need a clever getaway.

Pair this one with Lithe and Dance With Me and your odds of survival will surely increase, as long as you remember to stay directly out of the killer’s line of sight. Other than using this to run away, it also works pretty well if you just hide in the area after the silenced vault. This could throw the killer off entirely and have them give up looking for you.

Cut Loose manages to land in fourth place because it doesn’t require the player to depend on other survivors in order for this one to work effectively. But, it still isn’t the best perk to run all on its own – this one works best in a very specific build.

3. Background Player (Renato Lyra)

Image Source: Behaviour Interactive via Twinfinite

How many times have you tried to rescue your teammate from being hooked, be it by using sabo, a flashlight, or even body blocking, but you were just a second too late? Background Player is an excellent perk for rescue builds as it gives players a movement boost of 150% of their normal speed for 4 seconds after their teammate is picked up, and this one actually makes the gameplay more thrilling.

Even though this is a top-tier perk for experienced players, it’s not one that every player is going to find useful – especially newer players. Background Player is a perk for those willing to risk their lives and run directly into the killer to save a friend, and unfortunately, that’s not something many DBD players want to do, which is why this sits at third place.

2. Friendly Competition (Thalita Lyra)

Image Source: Behaviour Interactive via Twinfinite

Friendly Competition gives you and another teammate a 5% generator repair speed for up to a maximum of 75 seconds after the two of you finish a generator together. There are plenty of perks this can be run with and there are not many downsides to it, aside from the fact that it works best if you find a generator sooner rather than later. Pair this one with Prove Thyself, Bond, and any other perks that speed up generator speed and it’s a solid build.

There’s nothing extreme that needs to be done to activate Friendly Competiton, all you need to do is finish a generator with another survivor, which is something you should be doing regardless. Based on the few matches played with this perk, Friendly Competition seemed to only be ineffective when we were run off the generator by the killer before finishing.

While some might say Background Player is a better perk considering it might be vital for a great flashlight save, the average player won’t have the skill level required to use Background Player to its best ability, which is why Friendly Competiton is taking the second spot here.

1. Blood Rush (Renato Lyra)

Image Source: Behaviour Interactive via Twinfinite

Blood Rush has to take the number one place because it allows the player to use an exhaustion perk twice, and exhaustion perks are undoubtedly some of the best in the game. During different trials with this perk, it did prove effective in helping escape the killer, especially when paired with Sprint Burst.

Being able to use sprint burst twice is pretty insane, and there’s a good chance the killer will simply move on from on you. The one downside is that you have to become injured for this perk to work, but the fact that you’re automatically healed from the injured effect shortly after makes it all the more worth using. There are endless possibilities for what can be done with this perk, considering the number of perks this can be paired with. Renato Lyra might just be a must-buy character because of Blood Rush.

With all of that said, if you’re a more experienced player who wants to go for the flashlight saves, run sabo, or loop the killer for days, then Renato Lyra is overall the better survivor to unlock. On the other hand, if you prefer more low-action games and would rather stay hidden, knock out some gens and make a discreet escape, then you’d enjoy Thalita Lyra’s perks more.

For more information on Thalita Lyra and Renato Lyra’s perks and how to use them, make sure to check out our dedicated guides for each character.

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