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Best Class and Loadout For Destiny 2 Lightfall

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Best Class and Loadout For Destiny 2 Lightfall

It’s totally the Warlock.

Having a discussion about the best class and loadout for Destiny 2: Lightfall is bound to ruffle some feathers. That being said, this author just happens to be a Warlock main, so objectively, would think that Warlocks are the best class to play in Destiny 2.

However, each class on its own is capable of being able to make their way through the Legendary version of the Lightfall campaign. What it really comes down to is player preference that can help give fans the edge they need to overcome tough content.

With that said, here is a build for each class that can help to tackle the campaign in Destiny 2: Lightfall.

Best Warlock Loadout for Destiny 2 Lightfall

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Warlocks are the space wizard version of a Guardian, and as such they have access to many powerful abilities and possess the ability to glide through the air. Players who want to choose the Warlock should use the Dawnblade subclass with the Well of Radiance super equipped. This will give them the ability to not only dish out damage, but to push through more difficult sections of the game with the Well.

Depending on player preference, they can use Healing Grenade if they find themselves struggling to survive, or use a Fusion Grenade for damage. With that being said, the recommended gear is as follows:

  • Auto Rifle or SMG (mid-long range)
  • Sniper Rifle (long range)
  • Rocket Launcher with tracking (Heavy Damage)

While the exact loadout will vary depending on what players prefer, this author found themselves using the exotic Auto Rifle Quicksilver Storm for much of the Legendary Campaign (solo). This is because this Auto Rifle allows players to quickly dish out single target damage with bullets, mini seeking rockets, and grenades. Because of this, much of the special and heavy ammo can be saved to power through bosses.

For armor, The Stag combined with Low Resilience procs the Dearly Departed perk of the helm, causing an almost perpetual rift, which can either increase damage, or heal the player. Combined with the reduced damage taken from The Stag, players can easily regroup after slaying some enemies.

Best Titan Loadout for Destiny 2 Lightfall

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Titans love to punch things, and it’s what makes them stand out from the others. However, the best build for making their way through Lightfall will be the Sunbreaker subclass. This is because of their insane healing combined with massive damage.

Using the Loreley Splendor exotic helm can automatically proc a Sunspot when taking enough damage, and standing in the Sunspots will heal the player. This, combined with restoration can make players able to just swing their hammer at targets over and over until they are defeated.

While Titans with the Sunbreaker subclass can certainly excel in close range, they can also bring the pain from far away depending on their loadout. A well balanced loadout to get through the campaign is:

  • Shotgun (close range)
  • Pulse Rifle or Auto Rifle (mid-long range)
  • Linear Fusion Rifle or Rocket Launcher (Heavy Damage)

While the loadout is fairly interchangeable, if players have it, the Vex Mythoclast combined with the build and the ability to do heavy damage from far away, can help to take out any pesky bosses from behind cover. With the healing from Loreley Splendor, Guardians should not have too much to worry about, as long as they don’t get too confident and keep their power level in check.

Best Hunter Loadout for Destiny 2 Lightfall

Hunters are probably the easiest class to solo content with, particularly in the Nightstalker subclass. Because of the ability to go invisible, Guardians who find themselves cornered or overextended can simply disappear and reposition themselves to continue laying waste to their foes.

Perhaps one of the best exotics to use for survivability is the Wormhusk Crown. This is because when the player dodges, they will be able to heal themselves up for a little bit. Combined with the ability to go invisible, this can greatly increase survivability. For weapons, players can use any loadout they prefer however a balanced loadout such as the following can prove potent:

  • Hand Cannon (mid-long range)
  • Sniper Rifle (long range)
  • Sword (Heavy Damage)

The reason for this loadout is that players can reposition themselves to line up critical hits with both the hand cannon and sniper rifle. This means they can do even more damage with ease. The sword is also useful for going invisible into the fray and then slaying a few foes within mere moments with quick slashes of the sword.

While it may not be the most meta choice, the Rat King with catalyst, combined with the Nightstalker Hunter can make it so that the hunter is almost always invisible unless they are attacking. Combined with the heal from the Rat King catalyst, players should have a very easy time surviving all but the most heavy of hits. However, if players choose to go this route, they will want to make sure they have some powerful backup weapons to do heavy damage to bosses quickly, as the Rat King isn’t exactly a powerhouse.

While there is not exactly a best class or loadout for Destiny 2 Lightfall, players should pick what they feel most comfortable with. While some weapons may be better than others, if a player isn’t comfortable with it, it’s maybe not best for them to use. So simply put, have fun, and play your preferred class, and enjoy the amazing campaign.

For more tips, tricks and guides on how you can become the most powerful Guardian, check out our guides section for Destiny 2 Lightfall.

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