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Who Is Dryad? Everything You Need to Know About the Valorant Caster

who Valorant Dryad is and everything you need to know

Who Is Dryad? Everything You Need to Know About the Valorant Caster

One of Valorant’s rising talents.

As North America’s Challengers Valorant tournament continues its first season, there’s one caster, in particular, who is proving a source of curiosity for lots of Valorant esports enthusiasts. Here’s everything you need to know about who Valorant caster Dryad is.

Valorant Dryad Caster Bio & Who She Is

Daniela “Dryad” Herrera is a 22-year-old Columbian esports commentator, analyst, interviewer, and translator who currently works for the Challengers Tour in North America. Before this, though, she cut her teeth reporting on smaller C-Tier regional North American Valorant events. Later, Dryad was selected as a talent for Valorant’s Champion’s Tour to provide analysis and coverage on the teams representing Latin America. For example, during Valorant Masters Reykjavík her bi-lingual skills meant that she was able to conduct interviews, analysis, and commentary in English and Spanish.

Dryad has also cast other Valorant esports competitions in North America and Latin America, such as the NSG Summer Championship and Red Bull Campus Clutch. You can check out Dryad’s full resume and her list of previous events covered on Liquipedia.

Of course, Valorant esports enthusiasts now know her as one of the main talents on the Challengers broadcast, a contract that is presumably set to last until the end of the season and will see her cast and provide analysis on Split and Playoff games throughout early 2023. As Twinfinite has reported already, the signs are that Challengers is set to become one of esports most-viewed tier-2 competitions.

Dryad Socials

Dryad is very active on social media and has a bunch of places where you can check out all of her content, from interviews and analysis to cosplay.

That should give you a solid overview of what you need to know about Valorant caster Dryad. For more useful content on North America’s challengers series and everything Valorant, search Twinfinite or check out some of the articles listed below.

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