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What is the Pokemon GO Plus+ Device? Explained

What is the Pokemon GO Plus+ device, explained
Image via The Pokemon Company

What is the Pokemon GO Plus+ Device? Explained

The latest accessory for Pokemon GO.

During Pokemon Presents livestream, a new device was revealed in celebration of Pokemon Day 2023: the Pokemon GO Plus+ accessory. It’s not much bigger than the palm of your hand, resembles a Pokeball, and features a single button in the middle. If you missed the announcement, that’s okay—we’ll explain what the Pokemon GO Plus+ device is for.

What the Pokemon GO Plus+ Device is Used For

The Pokemon GO Plus+ device is designed to work with Pokemon GO and the newly announced Pokemon Sleep app, which is slated to release in the summer of 2023. The accessory itself will be available for purchase on July 14, 2023.

The Pokemon GO Plus+ acts as a sort of sleep analyzer and alarm. Since Pokemon Sleep is all about encouraging better sleeping habits, you press the button before bed, then press it again when you wake up and the device logs the data. It’ll even sing you to sleep with a Pikachu lullaby!

In the case of Pokemon GO, the Pokemon GO Plus+ device acts similarly to the original Pokemon GO Plus accessory, only better. While you’re on the move, you’ll be able to spin PokeStops automatically and capture Pokemon with regular, Great, and Ultra Pokeballs. The best part is that you don’t even need your phone out—just press the button!

With that said and done, you now have everything you need to know about what the Pokemon GO Plus+ device is. If you were on the fence about a Pokemon GO Plus accessory, this might be enough to convince you considering it’s a much better model. It’s also worth noting more features will be added down the road that integrate Pokemon Sleep and Pokemon GO further.

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