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What Are The Best Places To Level Up Craftable Weapons In Destiny 2?

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What Are The Best Places To Level Up Craftable Weapons In Destiny 2?

We need more places to choose from!

Craftable weapons have been around for about a year in Destiny 2, and it’s safe to say that leveling them up is quite the task. To put enhanced perks on the guns, you’ll need to level them up to level 16 and, in some cases, even level 18, which may require thousands of kills with the weapon. However, there are three locations in the game that can help speed up the process of this gruesome task. So today, let’s discuss what the best Craftable weapon leveling locations are in Destiny 2.

Shuro Chi (Last Wish Raid)

Destiny 2
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In terms of ease of use and the means of getting to the location, the Shuro-Chi encounter of the Last Wish Raid is your best bet. Simply by loading into the Raid and shooting the Wish Wall with this code, you’ll be teleported to the Shuro-Chi encounter immediately after. From there, you can continuously use Raid banners to re-fill your ammo and abilities to defeat the enemies within. Once there are no more to shoot, wipe and do it all over again!

On average, you can kill up to 80 enemies before you have to wipe, which isn’t bad, but there are better places to choose from. That said, the following two locations aren’t as easily accessible, so Shuro-Chi will be your best option in most cases.

Golgoroth (King’s Fall)

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The Golgoroth encounter of the King’s Fall Raid is simply an upgrade of the Shuro-Chi encounter. Here, more enemies will spawn, allowing you to progress further with the leveling process while also having access to Raid banners to re-fill your ammo. In Shuro-Chi you could only defeat up to 80 enemies in a single run, but with Golgoroth you can range from 300-500 kills per run before the game forcibly wipes you.

However, Golgoroth is the third encounter in the King’s Fall Raid. Unlike Shuro-Chi, you can’t teleport to him, so you’ll need to gather a fireteam, complete the first two encounters, and then wipe at Golgoroth to save the checkpoint in order to use it yourself. It’s not an easy place to get to, but the results are definitely worth the trouble.

In The Deep Mission (Shadowkeep Campaign)

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The final location is the In The Deep mission of the Shadowkeep campaign. Right as you’re about to finish the mission, when you’re supposed to “escape” from the hive, you can stand in this spot at the bridge section as shown in the image above. Here, infinite Thrall will spawn, making this place incredible to level up Primary Craftable weapons. You can use special and heavy ammo guns, but you won’t have a Raid banner to automatically re-fill it for you, unlike the previous locations.

This mission rolls around every other week, so it isn’t available at all times unless you have a different character that hasn’t progressed through the campaign. Either way, this is the best place to go if you’re looking to level up Primary Craftable weapons.

That’s everything you need to know on what the best places to level up Craftable weapons in Destiny 2. Be sure to check out our latest Destiny 2 guides, like how to complete the Entropic Shock challenge, and more below.

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