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Is Sam Deaf in The Last of Us Game? Answered

Sam in The Last of Us
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Is Sam Deaf in The Last of Us Game? Answered

Navigating the apocalypse without the sense of sound sure seems scary.

Episode 5 of HBO’s The Last of Us marked the arrival of Henry and Sam, two well-known characters from the original Last of Us video game. Though their roles in the games are brief, the relatable aspects of these characters and the heavy impact of their story make them significant and memorable. With the TV adaptation, a few tweaks and changes were to be expected, but one of the most notable thus far is Sam’s lack of voice. You may be wondering if this is a trait carried over from the games source material, so here’s everything you need to know about if Sam was deaf in HBO’s The Last of Us.

Was Sam Deaf in The Last of Us Game?

No, Sam was not deaf in The Last of Us’s video game. In the game, Sam is your average, pessimistic 13-year-old kid full of complaints and eye-rolls towards his older brother, Henry. Though Sam isn’t the most chatty of individuals, he does manage to make a friendship with Ellie, and the two share several conversations, tell jokes and play games together.

In fact, Sam’s last conversation is also with Ellie, regarding the possibilities of an individual being helplessly trapped inside their own body and unable to control themselves once turned. This is one of the most significant dialogue scenes in the entire game and has a long-lasting impact on Ellie after she discovers Sam was scratched on the leg and had become a runner overnight, maintaining guilt for how she had answered his question.

Is Sam Deaf in HBO’s The Last of Us?

Although Sam wasn’t deaf in the video game, he does happen to be deaf in HBO’s television adaptation. This change occurred alongside the decision to make Sam just eight years of age instead of thirteen. Writer and executive producer of the show, Neil Druckman, has stated that the choice led to some interesting storytelling decisions and made Sam and Henry’s story even more impactful than in the games.

That’s everything you need to know about if Sam was deaf in The Last of Us game. If you’re still looking for more content, check out the rest of our guides, news, and lists for the games and show right down below.

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