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How to Put Out Fires in Sons of the Forest

How to Put Out Fires in Sons of the Forest
Image Source: Endnight Games

How to Put Out Fires in Sons of the Forest

Go away fire.

Creating a fire in Sons of the Forest is relatively easy to do, as a bundle of sticks catches fire quickly and you should always have plenty of them. However, many players are having trouble finding out how to put out fires, possibly leading to an accident such as house fires and burning themselves. If you’re one of the many having trouble with extinguishing fires, here’s everything you need to know about how to put them out in Sons of the Forest.

How to Make a Fire in Sons of the Forest

Although it is easy to make a fire, some players may be having trouble due to the overwhelming circumstances of crash landing. To make a fire, simply:

  • Gather two sticks.
  • Look down at the ground and left-click to snap both sticks in half.
    • Once you do that, your character will pull out a lighter. Hold E to light a leaf, creating a small fire.

Relatively simple to do, but there are a few tricks to keep in mind. To keep the fire going, approach it with sticks and repeat the second step, making your character add more “fuel to the fire.” On the other hand, you can keep your fire going longer by collecting large rocks. Approach a fire with a large rock in hand, and you’ll notice a white circle appear, indicating you can put down rocks around the fire to reinforce it.

Putting Out Fires in Sons of the Forest

Now that you know how to make a fire, you’ll probably want to know how to put it out to avoid unnecessary casualties to your buildings. You have two options available when putting out a fire; advancing time by sleeping will naturally make a fire run out. You can also use a weapon to put out the fire by attacking it, and with a small health pool, fires will go down without much of a fight.

Another thing to note; if you find yourself on fire, run into a body of water to extinguish the flames. Otherwise, you’ll keep burning, and you don’t want to do that, as it’ll kill you and your armor set.

That’s all you need to know about how to put out fires in Sons of the Forest. For more tips and tricks, check up on our related section below.

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