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How to Get the Misericórdia Knife and LOCK//IN Valorant Bundle

How to Get the Misericórdia Knife and LOCK//IN Valorant Bundle
Image Source: Riot Games

How to Get the Misericórdia Knife and LOCK//IN Valorant Bundle

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The Valorant Champions Tour’s first international event kicks off in two weeks, featuring all thirty teams that made it into the franchised league. LOCK//IN is a big deal for Riot Games’ esports scene, and what better way to celebrate the event than by releasing a limited-time bundle? Looking to get your hands on the LOCK//IN Valorant bundle and the coveted Misericórdia knife? Here’s everything you need to know about how to be a part of Valorant history.

What is the LOCK//IN Bundle?

LOCK//IN Bundle reveal
Image Source: Riot Games

Much like the Champions bundle of years past, the LOCK//IN bundle is a limited-time release bundle full of cosmetics that represent the teams participating in the event. Again, like the Champions bundle, 50% of the proceeds will go toward the teams in the event, as a part of Riot Games’ plan to incentivize being a part of the franchised league.

The significance of this event is massive in size. As mentioned, LOCK//IN is the first international tournament of 2023, featuring 32 teams battling it out for a chance to be titled a winner while earning their respective region an extra slot at Masters Tokyo. LOCK//IN starts Feb. 13 and runs for almost a month, ending on March 4.

How to Earn the Misericódia Knife and LOCK//IN Bundle

The Misericórdia Knife and LOCK//IN bundle are a limited-run cosmetic and can only be purchased through the in-game shop. The pricing of the bundle has now been confirmed as 5,440 VP, which is around $60. It’s important to note that the knife itself cannot be purchased individually; you must buy the whole bundle, which includes the following items:

  • Misericórdia Melee (three additional color variants)
  • VCT LOCK//IN Player cards (one for each of the three regions)
  • VCT LOCK//IN Spray

When Does the LOCK//IN Bundle Release?

The LOCK//IN bundle releases Feb. 8, during normal store refresh hours. Like all good things, it does have an end, as the bundle will leave the shop on March 7. This is the main bundle in the in-game store during this time; the next full bundle will not launch for at least another two weeks.

That’s everything you need to know about the LOCK//IN bundle, including how to get it and what comes inside the limited-time pack. If you’re excited for the upcoming showdown in Brazil, let us know in the comments below!

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