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How To Get Swarmers Exotic Warlock Boots In Destiny 2

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How To Get Swarmers Exotic Warlock Boots In Destiny 2

Go, go! My Threadling warriors!!

Destiny 2 features many different exotic weapons and armor that can grant players special abilities or enhance existing ones. Of course with their power, exotic items are among the most sought after items in Destiny 2, and can often make or break a specific build. With the release of the Destiny 2: Lightfall expansion, players are being treated to new exotics, specifically a new exotic armor piece for each of the three classes in the game.

The Warlock class has received brand new exotic leg armor called The Swarmers, which enhances the brand new Strand subclasses abilities. Here is everything players need to know about The Swarmers and how to unlock them in Destiny 2.

How Players Can Unlock The Swarmers Exotic Warlock Boots In Destiny 2

While some exotic items in Destiny 2 come from being a world drop, where they are randomly obtained from an exotic engram, others have a specific method of obtaining. Whether that be from completing Legendary or Master Lost Sectors, or even finishing a raid or specific questline.

The Swarmers in particular come from completing the main campaign of the game. Once players have finished the campaign they will be rewarded with the piece of armor for their class. For Warlocks, this is The Swarmers, and complements the Broodweaver subclass.

What Do The Swarmers Exotic Warlock Boots Do In Destiny 2?

When players equip this exotic leg armor, they will be able to destroy the Strand Tangles that are created when they defeat targets using Strand abilities and summon special Threadlings. These Threadlings are sentient Strand fragments that will seek out and destroy the player’s enemies. 

With The Swarmers, Destiny 2 players will be able to overwhelm the battlefield with Threadlings as they lay waste to their foes.

For more guides related to Destiny 2: Lightfall and how players can obtain even more exotics, check out our other guides and become a true legendary Guardian.

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