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How to Drop Items in Sons of the Forest

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How to Drop Items in Sons of the Forest

Inventory Management strikes again.

When playing with friends online, item sharing is often important to your success and survival in Sons of the Forest. Alternatively, perhaps you don’t want a certain item in your inventory and would like to lighten your load as soon as possible. This was a feature in the original The Forest game too, so it would make sense that they would add the same feature to the sequel. If you’re wondering whether or not you can relieve yourself of items in-game, then read this guide on how to drop items in Sons of the Forest.

How to Pick Up & Drop Items in Sons of the Forest

Dropping items in Sons of the Forest is fairly straight-forward, or at least it is so long as you know what makes an item droppable.

First, an item needs to be unequipped. This can be done by pressing the G button PC or the B on an Xbox Controller. The item will then be sent to your inventory. You can then go into your inventory and press the G or B button again to drop it from your inventory entirely. An exception to make note of is that if the item is too big to fit in your backpack, pressing G with it in your hands will simply drop the item.

There are other ways to drop things outside of your inventory too. Placing it in a storage item, like a rack, will also remove the item from your possession and free up some space. If you have a friend playing with you, then you can also hand them the item by walking up to them and pressing E on the keyboard or the interact button on your controller of choice. If your friend is also holding E, you can trade items.

Should you change your mind, getting the item back is a cinch. You can pick up items you’ve just dropped by pressing the E key or the interact button.

That’s it for the guide on how to drop items in Sons of the Forest. For more Sons of the Forest guides, news, and features, check out any of the related articles down below.

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